External Hard drives:

  sunnynick 23:37 04 May 2009

I am looking for a 500GB external hard drive, around the £60 pound mark that gets it's power from the usb port, but here is the 1000$ question,It has to be as easy to use with no programs etc just like a Flash Drive/Memory Stick.
I've had a Sea-Gate 320GB external hard drive from pc world, did not like it as kept lossing my data off of it, so any make other than sea-gate if you don't mind, can you please help me or am I asking for something that dose not exsist ?

  Stuartli 23:52 04 May 2009

>>did not like it as it kept losing my data off it>>

No reason why it should. What backup software are you using?

I have a 400GB Seagate Barracuda USB external drive. It's proved absolutely faultless over the past two years.

  tullie 23:53 04 May 2009

Not sure about the price,but you would be better using one that uses an external power supply.As for having no programs with it,i havent bought one yet with anything on it.Seagate are a reputable brand.

  phono 00:06 05 May 2009

"I am looking for a 500GB external hard drive, around the £60 pound mark that gets it's power from the usb port"

As a hard drive can draw quite a bit of current it is unlikely you will find one that is powered directly from a USB port, most, if not all, usually have their own power supply.

I am not saying that such devices do not exist but personally I would steer clear of them as most motherboard USB sockets have relatively limited power capacities.

Seagate are one of the "big names" in the hard drive field so there shouldn't be any reason to avoid them, I suspect it may be your backup software that is at fault, as Stuartli has already intimated.

  sunnynick 01:16 05 May 2009

Thank you Stuarti & Phono, so an external hard drive that has it's own power supply is better than my exsisting sea-gate that gets it's power from the usb port, but is there that would work and act just like a flash drive or memory stick.
I have a flash drive for my photo's, it's only about 8gb and when I transfer photo's to it I click copy and a little window opens and it askes where do I wont to send it, and it normally says Removable memory E, so will any external hard drive act the same where my sea-gate had to load some sort of small program, that had a back up program to back up my computer.
The last time I set it to copy just my music photo's and inportant documents, when I copyed it each song come up 0-100% as it copyed each song etc, then I deleted music photo's documents off of my computer, but a week later I needed to re install my music I found there was none just empty folders, then a few days later the sea-gate icon at the bottum of the screen right handside come up saying data transfer failed, so I have lost all convidence in my sea-gate and was looking at a 64gb flash drive but found a external hard drive a lot less money for a lot more gb space, so again I need to know if an external hard drive will act just like a flash drive or not, and if they do how can I get all the crap off my sea-gate so it is totally empty.
But the thing I've found, if I deleat the sea-gate icon/short cut my lap top don't reconise it and then there's no way of seeing whats on it, I do hope this helps you answer my question

  tullie 01:46 05 May 2009

If you want a clean external drive,format it.
When external is plugged in open "Computer"where drives are listed.
Drag and drop,or copy and paste your files to external.Whether its a pen drive or an external hard drives,they are both drives.You can easily see whats on your external by just double clicking the drive icon.You dont need any other software to use it.

  sunnynick 02:28 05 May 2009

So Tullie, if I do as you've told me step by step that will remove everything that's on my Sea-gate 320GB external Hard drive, and by doing so will lieve it totally empty?.
So after doing that, would it then act like a
Flash Card? and I would be able to just put the things I wont to save like my music ? and it would not need it's own internal program to copy music etc?????????, Sorry I know I am very dim at this tec stuff, I only know how to do the things I need to do on my computer, and I am only self tought, so patients may be required with me..

  tullie 03:34 05 May 2009

Yes,everything will be removed.You will be able to play your music from your drive without installing it,you will have a music player on computer wont you such as WMP?You will need a burning program to burn to cd if required.If you need to put anything back onto pc then just copy and paste back to a folder on your machine.

  sunnynick 05:27 05 May 2009

Tullie, I thank you, I wont it clean so I know that music will be the only thing on it, that I've put there, when at home tomorrow I will give all this a try out. I thank you, but will let you know how I get on....

  gazzaho 08:04 05 May 2009

Try an Iomega eGo drive they are powered by the USB port, they actually have two USB plugs in the event that one will not be sufficient to power the drive, I however have never had to use both plugs for power. Most if not all USB powered drives I've seen are actually notebook drives of the 2.5" varity, the eGo drive I use is 250GB I haven't seen any with a higher capacity though you may find one by shopping around.

  Woolwell 09:05 05 May 2009

Any external HD can be used like a memory stick or flash drive. When it is connected it should be allocated a drive letter as does a memory stick and then it is just a case of copying across or dragging and dropping. Some external HD's come with backup software loaded on the drive, others have security software.
You should not be losing data. Seagate own Maxtor too so if you want to avoid Seagate then you should not buy Maxtor.

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