External Hard Drives

  Fatbelly 20:05 04 Apr 2007

I take a lot of photos and want to back them up safely.
I was thinking of getting an external USB Hard Drive.
I have never had one before, How do they transfer data from your main PC Drive to the external drive?
Is it just a question of drag and drop?
Ant info would be gratefully received.

  woodchip 20:08 04 Apr 2007

Yes in Windows Explorer you will see the Drive as a Removable. You use this just as if it was in the computer

  malgall 20:28 04 Apr 2007

i have a western digital mybook external hard drive
i have three ways to backup
1. drag and drop using windows
2. the software supplied with the mybook
which i found east to use
3. i have true image back up software

both of the progams i have will let you
backup everything or just folders that you can pick

  Fatbelly 21:13 04 Apr 2007

Thanks guys.
Does anyone know a good external HD and and good place to buy one from?

  Technotiger 21:30 04 Apr 2007

Hi, I recently bought a 320Gb Seagate usb external hard-drive for less than £80 from PC World. It is great, I have my Acronis back-up on it, among other things.

  Jake_027 00:52 05 Apr 2007

CCL (an excellent company) have some small reductions on WD mybook drives at the moment

click here

click here

Drives are dead easy to use and have good build quality.


  squashman 00:58 05 Apr 2007

western digital mybook 320 is excllent, easy to use and silent. amazon have very cheap prices and quick delivery

  jagsman 03:54 05 Apr 2007

I have 2 Freecom drives a 250 and a 400. They look great and are virtually silent. I think the 400GB is going for about £80 at the moment in PC world.

  SURVEY 08:52 05 Apr 2007

Exactly the same as malgall. I have two external drives, both western digital - 160GB and a newer 500gb My Book. The latter is excellent and I bought thriugh Amaazon. Always buy a larger capacity than you thik you need.

  johndrew 11:27 05 Apr 2007

It is always good to backup important items, but you should remember that even external hard drives can fail. If you intend to use both the drive in your PC and the external then you have a level of safety. However, CDs are inexpensive storage media and have no moving parts!!! I use them in addition to HDDs because they can be copied easily and cheaply and stored securely; PCs and external HDDs are more susceptible to theft and damage and are harder to `lock away`.

  keef66 11:53 05 Apr 2007

I bought a usb WD Mybook 250 gb for less than £60, free delivery, Amazon.

I use Acronis TrueImage 10 to back up the entire pc to it every week, then disconnect it and store it away from the main pc.
Maybe every 6 months I archive the new digital pics to CD's as a belt / braces measure; like johndrew I am painfully aware of how suddenly and irreversibly a HDD can stop working.

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