External hard drives

  Monco 17:23 29 Nov 2003

I think I need an external HDD for backup and storage. Can I use this to keep My Pictures, music etc and still have immediate access to them, or do the files have to be downloaded to the main hard drive each time? Any advice on using an external drive would be appreciated.

Are just like normal hard drive's. They are great in my opinion for backing up onto and thing's like that, but for heavy use i would get worried about as i think they are slower than normal. This is because of the way that you access them. External's tend to use USB that can be slow, so unless you have a USB2 compatable hard drive, i would go for a normal drive, cheaper aswell!

If i had the choice between external and standard hard drive though i know what i would choose for keeping music and backing up onto, is the standard one everytime.

  Jarvo 18:17 29 Nov 2003


I run an external hard drive to back up over 6gb of photos and docs from my laptop cost me £149 for a 40gb usb2(you will proabably get 80gb now for same money), its very fast and easy to use.
I would strongly recomend a external drive for back up, if its only turned on for backup then there is less chance of a virus that may have got past your av software infecting files (provided you notice it in time),but also if for example you are going away you can give the drive to family or a friend, Reducing the risk of loss of data from fire, flood and theft.

If you need to run programs or heavily edit music or graphics, then I would say an internal drive is probably better, but with fast usb2 or firewire there is not much between them in my oppinion.


  wee eddie 18:21 29 Nov 2003

I am not sufficiently expert to judge speed specifications when comparing to an IDE connected drive but, from experience, most of us would not really notice the extra time taken to open a .jpeg or Word document.

I think you would be in trouble if you tried to run a game through even a firewire port, even though it is fast enough to handle movies.

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