External hard-drive/eSATA

  podlod 09:21 04 May 2008

Hi, I want to by a ext hard drive but when I was looking throygh the comments they mentioned eSATA, not sure what this means? and they said about this particular ext drive I am interested in, that I would have to format the FAT, but the prob being is that I have NTFS and do not know how to format this FAT as I live in France and I will not quite understand the french explanation even though I speak french, it will be the terminology I will have probs with. I do not understand a lot of the terminology in english concerning the PC so what chance do I have in french?!!!! thanks for any help in the simplest form.

  ICF 09:34 04 May 2008

Esata is sata connection but external so you have to have the provision for esata on your computer or buy a pci card such as click here

  ICF 09:36 04 May 2008

Why don't you buy a USB external hard drive.click here

  Pamy 09:38 04 May 2008
  Jim_F 10:31 04 May 2008

Any drive you buy would need to be partitioned (divided up) and formatted - NTFS will do this for any type of drive.

The confusion is between the File Allocation Table (FAT) that gets set up when the disk is prepared as above and FAT16/FAT32 which were used on MSDOS and versions of Windows prior to NT, 2K and XP.

I agree with the above somments - USB is cheaper and easier and the disk is usually prepared for you - eSATA is faster.

I have both - USB for backups, eSATA for audio and video work.

  Ditch999 12:56 04 May 2008

And then there is Firewire 400 and Firewire 800 which are nearly as fast as eSATA! Whatever you buy, just make sure you have the right connection on your PC to connect it to.

  FatboySlim71 21:20 04 May 2008

I made my own external hard drive up a couple of months back with a USB/Esata enclosure and a 500GB hard drive, previous to this I had ready made up USB/firewire external hard drives. I have saw a massive speed improvement over the firewire external hard drive, for example, doing a full backup of my PC used to take 38 minutes with my firewire external hard drive, doing the same with the Esata hard drive takes 13-14 minutes.

My advice is, if your motherboard will accept another SATA connection then I can highly recommend making your own external hard drive up by purchasing a Esata/USB enclosure and a SATA hard drive. The links below are to the items I used for my external hard drive. Also with the hard drive enclosure I got, it came included with a Esata bracket, this basically provides you with a SATA connection on the back of your PC, the other end of the ESATA bracket connects to the SATA port on the motherboard.

Twin Esata bracket: (I GOT THIS TYPE)
click here

Single Esata bracket:
click here

USB/Esata enclosure:
click here

Hard drive:
click here

  podlod 07:33 05 May 2008

Hi, well thanks for all the info and I am now going to buy a USB ext hard drive, not to worried about how long it takes Ghost to download as i am not in a hurry, but at least I know now what SATA is, you live and learn.Thanks for all your info.

  Stuartli 15:58 05 May 2008

If you buy a Seagate/Maxtor external hard drive, you can download Disk Wizard from the website and reformat the external drive in a matter of seconds from FAT32 to NTFS and also partition it.

Disk Wizard probably works equally well on other hard drives, but I wouldn't like to guarantee it 100 per cent (it's a lite version of Acronis).

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