External Hard Drive trial backup software

  cowgirl66 09:04 11 Jan 2014

Hi, I have just bought myself an external hard drive and want to use it with a backup plan which I am already using (Crashplan).

I have never used an external hard drive before but I do know that this one comes with trial software, which I don't want to use, and I don't really want it to be on there at all.

I haven't yet connected the drive as I would like some advice on how to proceed.

Many regards, cowgirl66

  northumbria61 12:27 11 Jan 2014

The best way would be to connect it to your PC and when recognised in Computer then Format it. That would erase anything that is installed on there, ie: your trial software which you don't want.

  northumbria61 12:30 11 Jan 2014
  cowgirl66 14:38 11 Jan 2014

Hi Northumbria61, thanks for your help. I saw the vid but it's for Windows XP and I'm using Windows 8 so the directions are not quite the same. I can see however, that formatting is the right way to go. I'll try and make sure I do it right!

  wee eddie 16:11 11 Jan 2014

Many External Hard Drives contain "Free" Backup Software, as opposed to Trial versions of other Companies products. It may not be the deluxe version but will do most types of backup

  cowgirl66 19:53 11 Jan 2014

This is a WD Elements external hard drive with a 'trial version' of their own 'pro' backup software. I want to keep using the free software with CrashPlan now that they offer free backup to my external hard drive. This is why I chose the hard drive and CrashPlan together. The drive is already formatted, so it says on the box. I wish that it wasn't pre-loaded, that's all.

I have been using the trial version of CrashPlan cloud backup for a month now and am very happy with it so I want to stick with them. Especially as it's free.

Thanks to both of you for your help

Regards cowgirl66

  wee eddie 22:51 11 Jan 2014

I have the WD Passport. I haven't tried their own software as I use W7's incremental backup programme.

But the free stuff takes so little space that I have just left it

  rdave13 23:51 11 Jan 2014

wee eddie , just as a matter of interest, have you ever restored your backups using 7's own backup system. Worked once for me (as a trial) then the second time it couldn't find its own backup folder.

  cowgirl66 10:09 12 Jan 2014

I've come back just to say that the external hard drive was found right away, the backup went smoothly in a very short time and the software which I thought would cause the trouble is in fact, very insignificant.

My worries are over!

Thanks guys!

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