emcyes 18:38 14 Mar 2008

Hi friends,

I recently bought 250gb Seagate external hard drive and i need to create partitions before i transfer some of my files there, but i am unable to make partitions through disk management in xp sp2.

Can anyone help me make partitions through any free software?

  recap 19:08 14 Mar 2008

click here there are a host to choose from. Or you could look at PC Mags as they have some on their cover DVD.

  woodchip 19:12 14 Mar 2008

i use acronis disc director suit

  Quiet Life 22:35 14 Mar 2008

Seagate Disc Wizard available from their site will do want you want and more.

  emcyes 16:33 17 Mar 2008

Quiet Life,
Thanks for your suggestion to download Disc Wizard from seagate site which i did it.

But it is little confusing me because when i tried to add the disc, the wizard says the some partition is already made and it has to be formatted to make new partitions. The total space is 250gb but i am able to view just 232gb, i wonder where has the 18gb gone, when i opened the partition i could see just a seagate pdf file of 2.5mb or so.

What i have to do now shall, pl help.

  Quiet Life 18:09 17 Mar 2008

A 250gb harddrive will only show as 232gb in Windows as it is calculated in a different way.
You have not lost any space. Your existing internal drive will show the same percentage reduction in size.
I do not know what the Seagate pdf file is but it is probably instructions re your new drive.
Save it to your other drive for future or current reference and then format and partition the new drive.

  emcyes 18:19 18 Mar 2008

Thanks a lot Quietlife for your valued suggestions.

I could make partitions successfully on my new external drive, you guided me in the right way and really i'm happy about it.

Thanks once again

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