external hard drive - ok for games?

  dr_buck1982 14:24 05 Jul 2008


I've just bought an external hard drive to free up space on my laptop.

mainly keeping all my music, photos and videos on it, but I'm wondering if I will be able to move my Steam account onto it, and run it from there.

Will they play ok off an external hard drive?

  Ditch999 14:45 05 Jul 2008

They should work OK but you may experience Windows errors unless you keep the external drive connected all the time. The games will install to the external drive but some of them will write registry entries and files on the C: drive and may look for the game files on start up, depending on the game.
You will also have to uninstall then reinstall the games and as its Steam this may take quite a while.

  dr_buck1982 14:48 05 Jul 2008

that's great, thanks.

I don't mind it taking a while, i'm in no rush to play them.

I suppose windows will still run, if I close the errors? I don't use my laptop much away from the desk, but occasionally take it out somewhere.

Just as long as it works!

  Ditch999 14:50 05 Jul 2008

Yes it will still work, you just might get "Windows could not load XXXXX as the file XXXXXX could not be found" errors.

  dr_buck1982 14:52 05 Jul 2008

great stuff,
thanks for your help!

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