external hard drive not responding

  ponytail 23:14 30 Jun 2009

I have some small files on my iomega external hard drive.Five minutes ago I deleted one of them.I now need to go back into the hard drive but when I click on my computer and then click on the icon for the hard drive nothing happens it just freezes up and I get what I call the egg timer just sitting there.I have a second external drive and that works fine.As I said I only used it five minutes ago.I have safely removed it and connected it back but the same thing happens.Any ideas.

  DieSse 00:00 01 Jul 2009

It failed during the last five minutes perhaps?

As a long shot try restarting your system.

  DieSse 00:05 01 Jul 2009

"It failed during the last five minutes perhaps?"

That wasn't meant as a silly answer BTW.

Assume there are 5 million hard drives in the UK, and they fail on average every 10,000 hours - then one will fail every 7.2 seconds - you may just have been unlucky.

Remember just before anything fails, it was working.

  Kevscar1 08:30 01 Jul 2009

Try pulling the Harddrives power plug and starting it again. Occasionally one of mine locks up and this cures it.

  kalignorgna 10:29 01 Jul 2009

reset the computer with the external attached on rebot then once in windows see if you can access the disk

if it still does not work click start then click run type in cmd then once the command prompt has opened type in chkdsk "drive letter" then /r. check my computer to get the drive letter of the external hard drive it will be from D to Z, on most computers it is E but it depends on how many drives you have attached.

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