External hard drive not recognized.

  nerawan 18:42 07 Jul 2010

I bought about 3 weeks in maplin an external hard drive (Seagate/ 1,5 terabytes) and now suddenly it doesn't open. When I try I get a message :The drive is unavailable. Make sure is inserted correctly. there is an (?0 on the icon in the desktop.
On device manager apparently is o.k.....Any idea what it could be/. I have thousands of photos there and about 20 films and I wouldn't want to lose them. I use XP.

  john bunyan 18:56 07 Jul 2010

I had a similar problem with a USB HD that had a small drop on to a carpeted floor. I hope yours has not had a knock.Bought a new one.

  woodchip 19:27 07 Jul 2010

Have you been pulling the plug while its been writing to the drive, instead of safely remove hardware icon?

  nerawan 17:19 09 Jul 2010

It hasn't dropped or disconnected while writing. But I had disconnected it without safely removed. It just made a sound like it's working and the green light sometimes is on or off. I have conected and disconnected many times but nothing happens.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 09 Jul 2010

DOwnload and run USBdeview click here use it to remove the hard drive from the registry.

Reboot the PC and log on refit the drive XP should find and install new hardware.

Your drive should then reappear in My computer.

  nerawan 18:36 09 Jul 2010

I downloaded the mini program but it's like some kind of Device Manager. You say 'remove hard drive from the registry' but how?. The registry is a complicated thing .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 09 Jul 2010

"it's like some kind of Device Manager"

That's exactly what it is but it shows all the USB devices that have been connected and are still in the registry.

Unconnected devices can conflict with connected ones - sometimes if you have connected and disconnected a device into different ports it will have several instances still in the registry.

Open the program
Just click on the device to highlight it and then click on the second ic0n on the toolbar (the one that looks like a recyclebin).
This will safely remove the device drivers from the registry.

Reboot and reconnect the drive and windows will reinstall it. This should hopefully get it working again unless the drive is corrupted or mechanically damaged.

  woodchip 21:09 09 Jul 2010

Not using the Safely Remove as Corrupted the Drive. You may lose everything on the drive now to get the drive back working

  Dark Mantis 22:41 09 Jul 2010

In future make sure that you turn off write caching for the drive in Device Manager, that way if you forget to properly unmount the drive it shouldn't do any harm.

  nerawan 22:21 18 Oct 2010

Hi. I has been a litle long time since I had been here. To update, I went back to Maplin and they exchanged it. They test it there and got the same problem.

Dark mantis sugest to (disable Write caching) in Device Manager. I just checked and it already was disable so I don't really know what it didn't help.

  woodchip 23:08 18 Oct 2010

As I said remove it the correct way by right click the Icon in System Tray near clock then stop it from running using the safe removal

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