External hard drive not recognized

  merc. 20:45 20 Nov 2009

Got my I tunes transferred ok,

Now I am trying to do my documents,photos,music etc.doing the transfer wizard way, I have got them onto my old WD external drive but my new computer wont recognized it when I plug it in.

Did try with the network transfer first, but the option to select network transfer is greyed out, so thought would try external no success.

Will I have to get new external drive that will work with Windows 7.

Thanks again


  Grey Goo 20:58 20 Nov 2009

Which version of W7 are you running 32 or 64bit.

  merc. 21:03 20 Nov 2009

I led to believe it is 64bit


  woodchip 21:07 20 Nov 2009

It should automatically load drivers for it. but if not try the control panel add new hardware wizard

  woodchip 21:09 20 Nov 2009

Also check Device Manager to see if its wrongly recognized it will show a yellow icon if it is. Uninstall the yellow icon the run the add hardware wizard

  tonyq 21:35 20 Nov 2009

May be worth trying a different USB port. Mine will not work on the front ports but will work when connected to the rear port of my PC tower (Win Xp).

  merc. 21:46 20 Nov 2009

will have a look at the suggestions tomorrow, have been at this all day trying to load different programs onto new computer so a bit tired tonight, but thanks again to you all.

Probably be back again


  merc. 13:47 21 Nov 2009

I have now got the drive recognised by my windows 7 computer thanks to woodchip suggestion to look in device manager.

My problem now is when I start the file transfer wizard from new computer, when I get to the bit select files from external drive it ask me to open files in external drive which has a file USMT2.UNC which is 18.GB in size with 11 files 0 folders when I open it there is nothing there. Have I done something wrong when doing the transfer from old computer onto external drive.

Should there be more files etc in the external drive which should have all my docs,photos,,music, etc.


  woodchip 14:28 21 Nov 2009

Have a check these may help you understand about

click here

click here

  merc. 14:28 21 Nov 2009

Been looking about internet for idea's, have seen one way to do transfer is by serial cable, so as |I had one gave it a try both computers have serial connections, on old computer when going through the transfer procedure when I get to the bit connect with serial able and select port 1 then go to new computer it calls it a transfer cable for USB.

When I go into device manager on new computer there is no showing of a communication port (serial) like on old computer and new computer cant find connection to old computer.

Hopefully someway I will get old folders onto new computer


  merc. 20:07 21 Nov 2009

I think I have manage to get my files from old computer to new one using the transfer wizard although it is still running on new computer but at least something is happening this time fingers crossed.

Was scrolling about Microsoft site and came across this page for transferring between XP and 7 using an external drive. You have to install the file and transfer wizard from here
click here,
and install it on old computer as the one on XP is not comparable with the one on windows 7, then carry on as told


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