External Hard Drive (Local Disk Problem)

  2Xtreme1 08:49 19 Apr 2014


My Samsung Story Drive has been working absolutely fine but on plugging it into my PC las night the pc is showing it as Local Disk (f) instead of Samsung Story (F)

On going to my computer I can it there with 57.9gb remaining space and 1gb used up but when I open it I cannot see any files except a single 1kb file called .cm0013

However if I plug it into our TV it picks it up fine and I can see all my files

Any suggestion?

  Woolwell 19:47 19 Apr 2014

Try a different USB port.

  BRYNIT 20:53 19 Apr 2014

How is the drive formatted?

If you are using this drive to record TV programs via your TV your computer will not be able to read the drive due to the way it has been formatted.

  AkshitVaidya 22:00 30 Apr 2014

So my friend used my HDD on his tv. Now whenever i connect it to my laptop the HDD doesnt show any data only the .cm0013 file. But upon opening the properties, i can see the HDD being occupied but of no use. What to do? Please help. Urgent !!!

  AkshitVaidya 22:04 30 Apr 2014

Even if its not being read because of the way it got formatted, how do i rectify it? i cannot afford to lose the data HELP !!!

  wescliff 23:47 30 Apr 2014

Once an external drive has been used to record TV then that is it as far as PC use is concerned. The drive will have been formatted when it was connected to the TV. At that point your data was lost. If you want to use it again on a PC you will have to format it yet again.

A lesson here. Don't lend out drives containing vital data, and if it's that important back it up to more than one external. (I use five)

Your data I'm afraid is gone.

  mole1944 06:39 01 May 2014

Snap wescliff, years ago on my Spectrum lost an hours programming Never ever lost data again, i have 68,000 music tracks (All legal) to loose any or all would be a disaster not to mention expensive to replace.

  AkshitVaidya 07:03 01 May 2014

But my hard drive was connected to TV only for viewing purposes and not record anything. yet? i can see all the data when connected to a TV but not not pc. SO there is no solution at all? :(

  Secret-Squirrel 15:29 01 May 2014

".... i can see all the data when connected to a TV but not not pc."

Perhaps for some strange reason your files have become hidden so go to Control Panel -> Folder Options -> "View" tab. Put a dot next to "Show hidden files and folders" then have another look in your external drive.

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