External Hard Drive Identity changed

  Chop33 21:06 09 Dec 2006

I have a 160gb usb 2.0 external hard drive which I attach to my home PC. The hard drive contained approx 70gb music, photos, movies.

I attached the hard drive to my father's PC because I needed to move files to his system which is a 5 year old HP Pavillion. However, when I went to view the contents of the drive it had been renamed from USBTECH to HP_PAVILION and the contents are pretty much identical to the structure of my father's C drive - i.e. 'program files' and 'windows' folders. The music, photos - all exisiting files had vanished.

I wasn't too worried because I guessed that his older PC may not be USB 2.0 compatible and that I just could not see the true contents.

However, I re-attached the drive to my own PC and it is still called HP_PAVILION and still doesn't contain any of my files. I have been on the web all day since trying to find a solution but I'm at the end of my tether

The only progress I've made is spending £23 on a product called File Recover. It has detected 6791 files (I was expecting more) but it is taking FOREVER to restore files. It is not giving a time estimate but I reckon it will take WEEKS to restore it al at the current speed.

Someone please HELP. I'm out of ideas and lost without my music!

  VoG II 21:09 09 Dec 2006

Try Drive Rescue click here

  Flying Teddy 21:43 09 Dec 2006

Or may I humbly offer PC Inspector click here

  namtas 21:47 09 Dec 2006

This is worrying as I intended to use my spare hard drive to hold different PC back ups looks like you can not do this from your problem.

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