External Hard Drive - Help !!!

  hefs 13:31 12 Feb 2014

Can anyone help please? I had a Buffalo external hard drive which had years of photo's etc saved on it. Recently the port came loose so I couldn't connect to PC. I rang a local repairer who advised me that I just needed to recase it so I took it in. I collected this yesterday but when connecting it to PC a message appeared to tell me that it needed formatting but to do so would mean wiping all the data. I did notice that where the HD showed up in F:drive it was showing as 100% free space. Please don't tell me that this means everything has been wiped?

I took it back to the repairiers today to be told that the data may have been corrupted when the port came loose and that I should try data recovery. Not being that savvy ... can anyone tell me if this is possible as I'm starting to think that they have formatted and wiped all my data. Should they be able to recover any of it?

Thank you in advance of any help

  spuds 13:49 12 Feb 2014

Data recovery can become very expensive, depending who or how this service is provided. There are programs available on download, but having never used any, I would not consider suggesting one to use or consider.

Saying that the hard-drive is stating 100% free may well state that the hard-drive had been wiped.

Someone else should be along perhaps shortly, who maybe able to help more on any recovery prospects.

  bumpkin 15:32 12 Feb 2014

hefs, ask them if they have wiped it or formatted it for starters. If they have wiped it then no chance of recovering, if formatted which is different then you may have, if neither then you have a reasonable chance. No backup I assume. Post back when you have found out for further advice from those that are wiser than me on data recovery.

  Woolwell 16:26 12 Feb 2014

Recuva may recover the photos if they are there.

I had a few years ago an external harddrive which I used to back up my photos and it corrupted/lost several before failing. Fortunately I had many on a DVD. I now back up to external drives, use an occasional dvd and keep photos on my main harddrive.

Good luck

  Ian in Northampton 16:28 12 Feb 2014

I know this is no help to the OP at all, but for anyone reading this: please, please, PLEASE - never, ever have only one copy of important files such as pictures and music. I'm paranoid - I back up my back up to a back up that I then back up to another drive - but disk drives are probably the most fault-prone of any part of a PC, being fundamentally mechanical, and they WILL die on you sooner or later.

  hefs 17:32 12 Feb 2014

Thanks for all the replies and yes I will have more than one back up after this. I have returnedto the shop and asked/told them to see if there is any data to be retrieved, will hopefully find out tomorrow. As I told them the only problem before I gave it to them was the caddy so don't see how the data could become corrupt

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