External Hard drive error

  tom_duerden 00:00 09 Aug 2007

"the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"

hi guys,

basically i know there are music files on my f drive (external) but some where along the way i've lost the path to them. I had a folder 'music' and then 'itunes' then all my subfolders holding my music, organised by the song artist.

when i open the itunes folder it is now empty... but i know there is music somewhere on the drive because when using itunes i can right click on a song and 'show in windows explorer' and it brings it up F:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Linkin Park. but i cant find it going into it manually.

now i have soooo many songs i cant do this for each song so can anyone help me?

I went into command prompt and typed in 'tree' which showed me a PATH listing and it says "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" just after the itunes music folder

any ideas?


  Terry Brown 07:09 09 Aug 2007

Download a program called CDCHECK, it is free for 30 days). select the drive, in the destination box select another drive and enter a folder name (if it does not exist it will be created)
Click continue, then leave it to run.
The program will check your drive byte by byte and recover all possible information.
Good luck.

  €dstowe 07:23 09 Aug 2007

Not of any immediate help to you but these errors are often caused by "hot" unplugging of USB drives. Although USB is supposed to be hot pluggable, in fact it isn't and things like drives can easily become corrupt if you don't follow the correct "Safely Remove Hardware" procedure from the Sys Tray. As well as the drive becoming corrupt, it is also possible to wreck the USB port and render it useless by injudicious plugging/unplugging.

  ^wave^ 08:19 09 Aug 2007

does your system see the external drive in explorer. if it does then can it see the data on the drive.

  tom_duerden 09:56 09 Aug 2007

Just in the process of trying the cdcheck terry, hopefully this will sort it.

^wave^ it can see it if i search for file location through itunes by right clicking on the song and click show in windows explorer and it comes up with the path way and finds the file but no i cant see it on the drive.

its as if the the link between the music folders and the 'main music' folder has gone or become faulty. but all the songs are on there but i cant access them.

but yeh anyway hopefully terry has come up with a solution.

let you know guys

  tom_duerden 11:18 09 Aug 2007

ok i tried the cdcheck and all it seems to have done is tell me there is a directory fault which i already knew.

Any ideas?

  Terry Brown 14:35 09 Aug 2007

Have you tried re-loading itunes as this may pick up the broken link and restore your music files.

  tom_duerden 20:12 09 Aug 2007

yeah tried that, to no avail!

  tom_duerden 20:34 09 Aug 2007

when i try to delete the music folder it says "cannot delete itunes music: The directory is not empty" if this helps.

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