External Hard Drive Enclosures.... Lotsa Qus!

  Major Disaster 00:04 07 Oct 2006


Well after a few scares with my pc not booting (long story involving vista, hal.dll, paritions etc.) im thinking that simply splitting up hard drives by partiions is not enough.

Ive got 2 x Western Digital WD2500JS 252GB hard drives and i want to take one of them out and use it externally. This will leave one internal one, for OSes, and the external one for Documents and backups, so that when (and i do mean when not if!) windows does a backflip (so to speak) i can just unplug the external one with my documents (knowing their safe) leaving me to muck around with the other (maybe even format it completely).

Question time...!
1. What size enclosure do i need? 3.5"? 5.252?
2. How does the HDD "fit" into the enclosure? Screw in? Snap in?
3. Does that enclosure attach to the computer or to my router?
4. If it connects to the computer, how? USB? Firewire?
5. Advantages of router vs computer attached?
6. Is it as simple as i can plug it in and pull it out when ever i want?
7. Can the drive in the enclosure be seen and acessed by others on my network?
8. Can i simply plug it into any pc i want?

I relaise theres LOTS of questions there, so any input is much appreciated!

Thanks for the help!

  terryf 00:15 07 Oct 2006

1. Check up on WD site to find out size of drive
2 Mine (Allcam) fits in with screws
3 My enclosure is free standing and attaches to the computer
4 Usb
5 Dont see how it can attach to router needs usb interface which (to my knowledge) routers don't have
6 Yes ut I leave mine plugged in and just operate the on/off switch on the front, winxp then finds new hardware and providing you are not accessing the drive, doesn't mind you switching it off
7. Yes, you just set it for sharing in properties
8 Yes

  terryf 00:16 07 Oct 2006

PS has its own ext power supply

  Major Disaster 00:26 07 Oct 2006

Just that point about connecting to router, i think i might be getting confused with network storage that connects to the router via ethernet (click here)

Can you advise me or any decent makes / sites i should be looking at for these?

What sorta speeds?

About how much do you think one costs?

Thanks again

  Major Disaster 00:26 07 Oct 2006

(Oh yeh an i have acronis so what you said sounds good)

  Totally-braindead 00:26 07 Oct 2006

Mines the same as terryf though a different make, you need a 3.5 one, the 5.25 one is for cd roms etc. I'm afraid I don't understand 5 either, perhaps you can attach via a router but I've never heard of one, how would it attach? I have this click here also look at click here

  Major Disaster 00:32 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for the input.

I have seen some enclocures attached to routers (i think via ethernet) but i think thats something called NAT (as an example click here)

What internal interface do i want? IDE? SATA?

Is there anything that i need to steer clear of (say an old interface) or something that i should try to get?

Thanks again

  terryf 00:32 07 Oct 2006

I think that if you are talking about network storage and a router, you may be thinking about a server, not really the way to go for home, I would stick with ext usb enclosure. Google for 'External usb hard drive enclosure', lots of hits from about £13 upwards, as I said mine is from click here but I bought enclosure only from them

  Major Disaster 00:34 07 Oct 2006

yes thats what im getting confused with... from your link

"Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drives
lan drive file server

Simple and affordable Network Attached Storage solutions from Allcam, you can now have professional file server/shared storage at a friction of the price of a traditional NAS device.

Freecom network drive is suitable for people want to have a simple way to share storage device over the local network.

Lan Drive is a standalone file server which does not require any driver installation on computers, and user can access it via browser (Explorer/Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla) or FTP, support TCP/IP, NetBuei , IPX/SPX protocol.

250GB to 500GB form £119, Click Lan Drive for more info on these two NAS drives"

So i just want a simple 3.5 " hard drive enclosure?

Whats this ive been seeing about one touch backup by the way?

Thanks for the continued input

  Major Disaster 09:43 07 Oct 2006

OK, what do you think of the following...?

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

What would you choose?

  pj123 10:15 07 Oct 2006

This is the Unit I use: click here

It's not an enclosure but as you can see it takes anything IDE, and has an adapter to accept laptop hard drives as well.

£20.95 inc VAT and delivery.

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