External Hard drive with data needs reformatting!

  Connaught 19:46 18 Oct 2005

I have windows XP and have been going through the process of changing the primary internal drive. For some reason this not the C drive but F. The slave hard drive is C. I have installed windows XP on the new drive where the jumper has been set as the primary drive. It has been recorded as such but has been allocated drive letter ‘j’ I do not know why. All the USB connections and external drives were detached.

I hold important irreplaceable data on the two external hard drives, one an iomega 80GB and another (new ) Western Digital 160 GB. They were working perfectly prior to the Hard drive change but now I get the message for both the drives that they need to be formatted. Not only that, I have tried them in both my laptops where they have both worked before and I now get the same message. There has been no smoke, noise or over heating and no action to delete any data.

I am very anxious to read these drives and do not know what has happened. Can any one please advise me.

  johnnyrocker 19:49 18 Oct 2005

what about an external caddy which connects via usb, would that solve your prob?


  johnnyrocker 19:52 18 Oct 2005

just read your header again and sorry if i blooped.


  Iron Maiden 20:22 18 Oct 2005

this may help but can't quite remember exactly all the options.
connect drives, right click on my computer select manage.expand removable storage, expand libraries check if anything seems wrong (duplicate instances of drives etc.)if seems ok or nothing shows up click on disk management, if drives show up in window right click on drive and look for something like import foreign drive and follow instructions this should bring back drives ok, you will need to do this for both drives. If i've not quite got this correct you can use windows help , search "import foreign drive" this is where i found out about it all

  Iron Maiden 20:33 18 Oct 2005

just rememberd
depending on wiether drives were basic or dynamic option may be not import foreign drive, but may say initalize result will be the same

  Connaught 21:34 18 Oct 2005

Thanks Iron Maiden.

Could I do what you suggest on either of my laptops where they were working before?

I dont want to do it on my desktop as that is where it all started.

  Iron Maiden 20:53 19 Oct 2005

I would be inclined to try on original pc 1st but there is no reason why you can't try it on your laptops. All this process will do if it works will be to refresh windows library of drives.It won't destroy any data. I still can't think of any reason why they shouldn't work on the laptops unless something has corrupted the master boot record, which would be very strange on 2 seperate drives

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