external hard drive is corrupt - dont show up

  desbest 09:30 21 Jan 2008

I know this problem is has alot of words to read but please read it.
Yesterday my 500gb capacity drive (i have used up 15gb space) worked fully which I named BX2BXsq.

The next time I got to use my drive, lots of folders were deleted.
I restarted my computer and accessed my drive and this error came up E:\ is not accessible.

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

My hard drive makes a funny clicking sound.

I took my hard drive off and then on using another usb port and now it was called Local Disk.

I took my hard drive off and then tried putting it into a mac (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger) and the mac said that the drive was unreadable.

Now when putting my hard drive in my Windows XP computer, and a speech bubble came up saying that my hardware was not recognized.

I know for a fact that my hard drive still has precious valuable data.

So have you got any ideas to recover data from my hard drive.

  Technotiger 09:40 21 Jan 2008

What make is the drive?

  interzone55 09:44 21 Jan 2008

There's a few things that could have happened here.

1) the drive has been corrupted - perhaps by the power being disconnected whilst the head was over the disks. Data recovery from this situation can be tricky.

2) the drive has become corrupted due to death of drive controller. This is a rare situation, last seen en masse with Fujitsu drives in 2002. Only way to recover from this situation is to replace the drive circuit board. not easy.

3) the USB external drive controller has died, I've had this happen on an external Western Digital drive.

In cases 1) & 3) I'd extract the drive from the housing (this may involve power tools, it did with my Western Digital case as I couldn't get the right screwdriver bit to remove the security screws, so I just took a dremmel to the case). Then plug it straight into a PC as an internal drive. If the fault is type 3) you should see all your data. If it's type 1) try running Check Disk to see if the data can be recovered.

Type 2) is a job for a professional

  Technotiger 09:48 21 Jan 2008

Or you could run the diagnostic tests from click here

  DieSse 10:35 21 Jan 2008

or 4) The drive has failed and is irrecoverable. Making a clicking noise is not ususally good news.

Have you not got a backup of such valuable data? It may be an object lesson that keeping data on an external drive is not a backup, unless it's also stored somewhere else.

Good luck anyway.

  desbest 10:54 25 Jan 2008

it's a sumodisk 500gb external hard drive
click here i brought from argos
argos dont stock it anymore. but other shops do now

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