external hard drive backup problem

  charlton200 08:57 18 Jul 2007

I bought an iomega external hard drive So hopefully to make life easier. I installed window backup program.

On my first go at backing up my files, i had an error say that the hard drive was Fat 32 (whatever that is) and it would not not back up files bigger than 4gb in size even though the hard drive itself is 250gb.

Is their a way around this problem please.

  Batch 09:16 18 Jul 2007
  HCOOH 09:38 18 Jul 2007

If you don't want to reformat for whatever reason you could get Acronis True Image, use it's secure zone (works in FAT32) and is a far superior product.

  charlton200 15:15 18 Jul 2007

My computer is ntfs windows xp and my external hard drive is iomega fat32.

I will As I have read have to change my external hard drive to NTFS. I have read all about the reasons and pitfalls.Thanks.

My question is when i want to back up say my documents folder which is say 25Gb and I use windows backup utility, and i am only allowed to back up a file or folder of 4GB, Is that individual folders inside the my documents folder or is it the my documents folder itself.

I hope that clear because I might be able to split folder in the my documents folder but if it the complete folder than it pretty use less and i will have no option other than to change or convert to NTFS.


  wee eddie 15:36 18 Jul 2007

or even Movie Files that are, individually, over 4GB.

FAT32 can handle Folders of more or less any size but has this limit on individual Files.

Re-Formating to NTFS is not that difficult but ensure that you have copies of everything on the Drove that is to be changed from FAT32.

  charlton200 15:48 18 Jul 2007

If I change my computer from xp to vista,would there be any problems if i have converted to NTFS and will i be able to copy back onto to a vista computer.

Is there any more problems that I should know about if i convert to NTFS.
I only want to use the external hard drive for personal backup. i don't want to use it on other computers.
I just needed to know the pitfall's and if i changed it to ntfs that if i changed my PC would it still be usable on the new system.

As always many thanks for all your valuable advise.

  wee eddie 18:13 18 Jul 2007

Most external Hard Drives are Formatted as FAT32 so that they can be used with pre-XP OS's.

Changing from FAT32 to NTFS with XP is easy. Changing from NTFS to FAT32 with Windows ME or 98se is nigh on impossible. That is why the Drives come formatted to FAT32.

As far as I know both XP and Vista are NTFS by default.

  charlton200 18:25 18 Jul 2007

Thanks for answering that.I understand a lot better now.

I have also been messing around with the windows backup utility. It seems to me a bit complicated to me.
Do you think its best to get to grips with it or just drag and drop, which seem to me a lot less confusing, and you can see what you have backed up.Or to do both.

  wee eddie 19:22 18 Jul 2007

On one External Drive I use Dantz Retrospect, the reason for this is it came free with the drive, it runs a verification process during the back-up.

On the Other External Drive, made out of th HDD from my old Computer, I use the "Send to" Function. Just a Right Click away

  charlton200 21:17 18 Jul 2007

many thanks.

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