External Hard Drive

  March Wind 23:24 27 Jul 2011

WD Weston 500gb EX HD. windows XP.

Could you please advise on what to do to make my External hard drive work. The last time it worked. I had some hardware plugged into my PC. when I wanted to plug it I clicked on safely remove hardware, then clicked on the drive so I thought. Now I am wondering if I clicked on my External Hard drive. I know this has happened before. When I got it to work I had a different drive for it. this time I cannot get it to work so I clicked on disconnect on the EX HD. then I switched of the PC and switched back thinking this might do the trick. It didn't so I unplugged USB and the plug still it will not work.

When I click on the HD I get a message saying. The drive or network connection that the shortcut External HD(J), link'refers to is unavailable. Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again. I do not know what to do. Help please.

  Graphicool1 17:21 28 Jul 2011

Go the the website of WD... ...and look for your HD. Get its model number and put it in the box on the right hand side of the page. Once you have found your drive you can download a tool to check your HD is working ok or not and or wether or not it needs a driver update. If you still aren't happy email or phone them. You'll find the links for that also on the right hand side of the page.

  Graphicool1 17:22 28 Jul 2011

Oops Sorry...here's the link CLICK HERE

  Poitier 15:01 29 Jul 2011

Hi, I notice that in your post you say that you clicked on safely remove hardware before removal.After clicking on that another window should come up which enables you to stop the device before you get the message that you can safely remove the device. Apologies if this is what you have done .I know from experience that if you have Acronis on yout PC and forget drivers can get corrupted.

  woodchip 15:45 29 Jul 2011

I think you corrupted the Boot sector of the Ex Drive, so that data cannot be read. You could use TestDisk to restore it

Download the Correct Version for your OS

Click Hear

  March Wind 02:59 30 Jul 2011

woodchip I cannot find XP Pro. in the list of OS. Someone told me I hadn't changed my EX HD over from Fat31 or NTFS. from one to the other, but which it was I do not know, it was working alright so I left well alone. At least I think it was the EX HD. I haven't done much about it so far but the other day whilst sending an email the PC came up with found new hard ware. I clicked on it but still I have the same prob. Also the EX HD was hot and smelt as if it had been blown. I have the light back on the as if there is life in the EX HD but still I have the same message come up. The drive or network is not available. I did disconnect it a few days ago because I thought if I disconnect it I could then go back and reconnect by pulling out the drives and putting them back in but nothing happens I still get the same comment..

  retep888™ 03:20 30 Jul 2011

Probably your external HDD's circuit board has blown, that's why your PC can't detect it. No software can test it without the PC detecting it so below are some suggestions and do it at your own risk.

Retrieve data by dismantling a WD external HDD:

3.5" HDD click here

2.5" HDD youtube video click here

  woodchip 08:29 30 Jul 2011

As above take the drive out of the caddy and connect it internally to a connection in the PC if this is a Desktop, you may have spare plugs to connect it to. You may be able to change DVD plugs to the Drive to get info of it or to check if its still recognised, if it can see the drive, just buy a new caddy and put the drive in it. You need to get a caddy that is the same as the old one IDE or SATA

  March Wind 21:21 06 Aug 2011

The drive was blown. I am not going to use it any more. I am wondering, the little box that conect the HD to the PC and I have to plug it in the mains is it any good for other things?

  woodchip 19:38 07 Aug 2011

You could fit a new drive in the caddy

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