external hard drive

  bigduvat 11:40 26 Feb 2009

I want to add an external hard drive to my notebook laptop (windows vista)-would this be ok or would it be better attached to a desktop PC?

  tullie 11:50 26 Feb 2009

Just buy an external usb drive and plug into laptop when needed.

  gazzaho 14:20 26 Feb 2009

You could buy one of the 2.5" drives like an Iomega eGo which don't need a power supply as the USB socket powers the drive, it can also be fitted into a pocket. Most 3.5" hard drives are only really suited for desktop use as they come with an external power supply and are on the large side.

Remember though that a 2.5" drive will run down your notebook batteries quicker if not plugged into the mains while using it, as I say they take the power from the USB socket.

  Terry Brown 15:37 26 Feb 2009

Dependant on the size of the harddrive you want, you could go for a thum drive (currently up to 8gb)or a USB drive, provided you have an external power source.
As it seems you also have a Desktop computer, why not use a USB thumbdrive for storing files while 'On the road' and transfer to your desktop when you get home.

  Kevscar1 09:36 01 Mar 2009

How much space do you need. Cheapest option is 8gb memory stick. You can use it to transfer files from one to the other easily enough or as smakk hardrive.

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  Kevscar1 12:40 03 Mar 2009

Hmm somebody swapped my L & K keys around

  theDarkness 14:14 03 Mar 2009

I have just bought an external hd for my vista laptop, 400 gb maxtor brand from pc world, was going quite cheap, rather heavy and large but it does tend to stay cool even with alot of usage. Works perfectly in vista and on my xp desktop, plugs in via standard usb and is recognised no problem without the need to install anything else-as it should!

  theDarkness 14:56 03 Mar 2009

I should add that its probably not the best solution if working alot via laptop, travelling around etc, but its the easiest option for me transferring large or via desktop to laptop and vice versa. The only downfall is really the external drive needing its own power plug. As everyone else has already mentioned, if transferring very little, or small files, using a flash drive or dvd-rw may be the easiest option. Ive tried 2 gig flash drives in the past, but have bad experiences with them, within a yr they stopped working, although no doubt sticking to well known brands rather than whats going cheapest on ebay would be the better bet

  bigduvat 15:32 03 Mar 2009

to all,who kindly communicated their advice-I thank you very much.!!

  taskmaster 16:01 03 Mar 2009

Hello All, Just spotted these postings. My experiences re external hd (Maxtor 500gb)no longer works. Not recognised in "My Computer". Suddenly stopped working five weeks ago. I get "error 0x80070070 - no space" when running the Paragon backup software. I have posted this problem previously but no-one able to help it seems.

  ErnieBoy 22:07 10 Mar 2009

Can I add a plea for help please as a newish non-techie Silver Surfer (using XP)?
I bought a (new)Maxtor 500gb external HD for photos and music. As it had no disc I expected a plug and use situation. But it didn't!
"Add hardware" (in Control Panel) states "Device working properly" but it is not identified in either "HD Drives" or "Devices with Removable Stortrage" (in My Computer)
So what is wrong and what can I do now to move on?

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