external Hard drive???

  raggy 2 07:55 18 Jun 2008

I am looking to purchase an external hard drive, but have been confused by the poor reviews on western digital ones and a few other makes where people have wrote poor reviews on performance and reliability.
Please can someone advise one that they have and the pros/cons or please recommend one. Budget is £80 and would like about 250gig, thanks in advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:02 18 Jun 2008

I use freecom, western digital and maxtor and all are excellent. Don't take too much notice of reviuews as the complainers are the only one likely to write. Just buy any one as they are all good but Freecom tend to be cheaper. At £55 for a 500Gb, I would be buying this one click here


  [email protected] 08:06 18 Jun 2008

I have one of these
click here
500gig for £60 and free delivery.
You can then use the seagate disc wizard(powered by acronis)to create back ups for free.
click here.

  laurie53 08:11 18 Jun 2008

Why buy an external hard drive?

Why not get yourself a nice new shiny large internal, and put your current internal drive into an external enclosure?

  FatboySlim71 11:26 18 Jun 2008

I have owned Pre made external hard drives, the last time I was in the market for an external hard drive I decided to make my own, basically you purchase a hard drive and a caddie (enclosure), more often than enough this results in a cheaper external hard drive, plus you have more input into what brand of hard drive will be used. I found the one that I made performed far better than the other pre made ones I had owned, I know now that I would ALWAYS make my own from now on.

I purchased the below for my build, it will be more than your budget but there are plenty of other cheaper ones as well, I found them an excellent place to deal with and fast delivery as well.

This is the hard drive I used: click here

This is the enclosure:
click here

This is the main page for the site:
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:03 18 Jun 2008

You will probably find it cheaper to buy a fully built one than to pay 2 lots of postage ;-)


  Marko797 12:09 18 Jun 2008

this seems more expensive than buying one external drive unit, as per the posts above.

Your suggestion is more expensive:
HDD £47
Enclosure £36
Total: £83

As pointed out in other posts, a 50 GB can be obtained for c£50.

  pj123 12:09 18 Jun 2008

All my drives are Maxtor and are just ordinary IDE or SATA drives. I connect them externally using this:

click here_(with_Power_Supply)/product_info.html

I use Maxblast 5 to clone my C: drives (two computers) on a 3 monthly rota.

All my personal files/data/pictures etc are just dragged and dropped on to one of the externally connected drives (a 160gb, 250gb and a 300gb)

  Marko797 12:10 18 Jun 2008

that should read 500Gb

  pj123 12:11 18 Jun 2008

Sorry, that link didn't work, try this one:

click here

Scroll down and it is the 4th one.

  gazzaho 13:09 18 Jun 2008

I bought 2 Freecom Classic 500GB drives and both failed when I switched them off, at the same time. The drives themselves where fine, they now live in Icybox drive enclosures and are working fine, one a Samsung the other a Hitachi. So both failures must have been down to Freecom hardware, I suspect power supplies where to blame for both failures.

I also have a Western Digital 500GB My Book drive which, for some reason gives I/O errors now and again and also makes a loud click sound from time to time, but still works well, although for how long is anyones guess.

I would say if you can't find an external at the right price, buy an internal and an enclosure and make your own, that what Freecom and the likes do anyway.

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