external hard drive

  joe95 13:47 25 Feb 2005

I am still having problems with this disc. I have just switched on my PC found the drive it's (G)looked in disk management it is there with a partition but won't complete a format shuts down after 10% with unable to complete format message, checked the drive in properties and it is showing full, has anyone anymore ideas or is it operator error.
Thanks Joe

  MichelleC 14:07 25 Feb 2005

If you're using the fats32 option try the ntsf option.

  joe95 14:17 25 Feb 2005

I am running XPHome with SP1.

  Diemmess 16:20 25 Feb 2005

Your earlier thread? click here

After all this, why not connect the new seagate (very temporarily) into your your computer as the only HD....(disconnect power and data leads to the existing fixed disk). No need for a screwdriver as long as you lay it to be stable and don't knock it while running

Then boot from the Seagate Wizard floppy. At this point, you can decide on the partition and have it formatted all in a matter of a minute or two.

Once that is done, you can switch off, put the new drive back in its "USB" case, and of course reconnect the original hard disk.

When switched on and opens Windows it should also show your new USB drive at last in all its glory.

  joe95 16:28 25 Feb 2005

I'll try that, should I reset the jumper? it was set at cable when it came and I reset to master and got it running yesterday but again problems

  Diemmess 16:50 25 Feb 2005

I would leave it as cable, seems best to leave it so the computer finds it "easier" to auto detect.

I have had problems recently with new drives which were only recognised when left as CSL after I had thought I knew better!

  joe95 11:08 26 Feb 2005

Tried installing in PC no joy error message Boot failure Reboot and select Proper Boot device or insert proper media.Downloaded the wizard 4 times onto my HD and then onto different floppies still no joy.

  Diemmess 11:19 26 Feb 2005

Sounds as though BIOS is set First Boot device = HD............
Reset to be sure the First Boot Device = Floppy

  joe95 11:31 26 Feb 2005

I think I will need some brave pills to do that,it's on a level with saying no to the wife.

  Diemmess 14:18 26 Feb 2005

Sorry to be slow in answering.
Changing the BIOS setting for first boot device is simple when you know how and not really dangerous........ certainly nothing like offending the other half.

At almost every stage you can back out and no changes are saved until you go through a Y/N routine.

The screen is very ordinary and you can just follow the prompts using the indicated keys on the keyboard....the mouse is diabled.... When you want to change something (First Boot device) you arrow to that item and then PageUp or PgDn will cycle through the alternatives to the one you want, or around again.

  joe95 16:02 26 Feb 2005

It was simple when I boot up screen says F11 for boot,but I got some moral support my friend is a TV engineer and has a PC so we did it together. It has completed 3% after 30mins running only 10hrs left, is the time left correct and can you safely leave it running?I will not tempt providance. Today I think I have taken another little step forward.
Thanks again for being so patient with a silver surfer.

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