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  IngBing 15:57 18 Dec 2004

I am new to this forum and wondered if anyone out there could help with a problem I'm having with a new Lacie external hard drive USB 2. OS Win XP inc SP2.

I have just bought a new 160gb hard external hard drive and partitioned it using Norton partition manager 8 into 2 partitions E=60gb for back up and F=100gb for my use leaving my original internal hard drive C for my daughters to use. I copied the whole system from C to F using Norton Ghost naively thinking if I copied the whole system to the external drive F I would just reboot the computer and be able to choose which drive I want to use. Unfortunately I cannot get into the new F drive. The computer I had before this was was already partitioned and I could switch between drives but the partitions were all on the same hard drive. If I go to start, my computer, I can see the three drives C,E and F but if I open them everything on my system is there but all in folders and I cannot use that drive unless I want to use it to back up my system. Is there any way I can make the computer switch between the internal C drive and the external F drive? Talking to a colleague she seems to think I will have to do something in the BIOS. I apologise if this is a daft question but although I'm prepared to have a go at anything Ive never done this before Ive followed all the instructions when using Norton Ghost and Partition manager 8 but now I'm stumped.

  TomJerry 16:09 18 Dec 2004

generally, it is not possible to boot from external hard disk, but you can try it

get into bios (press Del when PC start), look around to see if any option for booting from exteral HDD etc etc, you have to look around to try it out, general change setting in bios is relatively easy and safe, just do not change anything yo are not sure.

  TomJerry 16:16 18 Dec 2004

Use Norton Partition Magic + Bootmagic to set up dual-boot on the SAME HDD at differnt partition

You can set up two versions of Windows (one for you and one for your daughter) use different partition on the same HDD, once the PC bootup, bootmagic kick in and you can chose which one to boot, two boot setups are independent, she cannot see you and yours cannot see her. External HDD can be used as data storage.

Maybe you can take HDD ou from the external box and put it inside of your PC.

  IngBing 16:17 18 Dec 2004

Thanks for replying but if at all possible I do not want to boot up from the external hard drive I hoped it would be possible to boot up as normal then be able to switch to the new hard drive when I was using the computer.

  IngBing 16:22 18 Dec 2004


Just seen your second reply I did not want to partition my internal hard drive as it is not that big and my daughters keep adding games and music progs hence the new 160 gb external drive. As for replacing the internal drive with external drive although I will have a go at almost anything I would not have a clue how to go about it. I am alright at following instruction on the progs but fitting stuff in computers is a bit over my head.

  TomJerry 16:25 18 Dec 2004

"be able to switch to the new hard drive when I was using the computer"

not really sure what you want to do

  IngBing 16:40 18 Dec 2004


When I had my first computer the hard drive had three partitions already on it (win 98 got it off a friend)and I used C and my daughters used D and E. I know the computer only had one hard drive but I used to turn the computer on and it would boot up as normal to the C drive and when my daughters wanted to use the computer all they did was install a game on one of the other drives and play it from there. I think they used to access the other drives from right clicking the start then scrolling down through explorer to the D or E drive then clicking on the drive to use it. I was hoping it would be possible to do roughly the same thing on this computer even though I now have two hard drives one of wich is external. I hope I have explained what I mean but I now have to go and make their tea I will check to see if it is possible after I have finished cooking thanks for your help .

  TomJerry 16:55 18 Dec 2004

yes, you can do what you want, a HDD is just a HDD, no matter it is external or internal, physical (real) or logc (partition)

However, copy te whole system to new HDD (E: or F:) does not work because all programs (windows or applications) have drive letter associated with them.

If you want to clear C: for your daughter, you need to uninstall software and reinstall them on new drive (E: or F:) but windows have to be in C:and many softwares will install something on C: as well.

  IngBing 17:56 18 Dec 2004


Thanks for all your help especially as I did not make myself clear. I think I understand and it makes sense now that you have explained it to me. I will clear the F drive of all the software I copied over and re-install the progs I need directly to the F drive.

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