External Hard Drive.

  Meshuga 18:57 24 Nov 2004

I am considering getting an external USB HD to use for backup storage. Would i need drivers for this and if so should they come with the HD on disc. Any other advice would be welcome. Meshuga.

  Kegger 19:01 24 Nov 2004

Hi Meshuga, depends on operating system anything above windows 98se should be fine, the drivers would be available on a cd-rom disk if buying new or easily available from support site if buying second hand.

  TrustNoone 19:05 24 Nov 2004

AFAIK, if you are using Win XP/W2K no additional drivers are required; the system uses UPnP interface. If you are using Win 98/Win ME drivers may be required.

This is an area I have been exploring and the Maxtor one touch drive looks good eg click here. But a IT buddy tells me that you can do this yourself with a decent naked internal IDE HDD plus a special caddy - the caddy can cost approx £20 + cable (s).

I would very much like to know the view of the IT Pros here on what the best way to go is for an external backup solution.

  Meshuga 19:13 24 Nov 2004

Should have said my os is XP Home. Many thanks Kegger,TrustNoone, that is exactly what has been suggested to me by an engineer friend, namely, a new suitable caddy and HD. Many thanks to you both. Meshuga.

  Carafaraday 19:25 24 Nov 2004

AS a totally inept non-techie I managed to organise putting my old hard drive into a Belkin external hard drive case without any difficulty at all. I think the cheapest way you can get an external hard drive is DIY like this - an internal drive put into a case, but I'm sure others know more than I do about it. Just thought you'd like to know that it was very simple.

  Meshuga 20:06 24 Nov 2004

I appreciate the thought. Meshuga.

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