External ethernet cable - FTP/Shielded necessary

  Meekyman 13:34 28 May 2014

Hi Folks,

Based on a recent post I plan on connecting two buildings with wired Ethernet and then have an access point in the second building.(click here plan on light internet use in the second building - no streaming of video etc. Just e-mail and the odd addition to my personal website. Having read around a bit it seems that cat5e is current standard and cat6 is for the future. Why would I need cat6?

A bigger issue I don't seem to grasp is whether I need shielding or not. There are no factories/power cables but the wire is going external over a fair distance (~50m). I have read that just taking the wire external means that I should definitely be considering FTP shielded cat5e. Is this so? Is there a good brand/manufacturer/seller that could be recommended?




  alanrwood 09:48 30 May 2014

When the difference in cost is not all that high why not use the best available now which would future proof it if things change. Cat5e would certainly work fine in the circumstances you specify but what would happen if in a couple of years a neighbour in close proximity inadvertently started to produce interference.

Do you intend running the cable below or above ground.

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