External DVD/CD drives - power supply

  compumac 17:09 07 Mar 2006

I have a laptop where the DVD/CD drive is intermittently falling over. I believe it to be far too expensive to replace it and am looking at a low cost external drive to replace it. Not necessarily rewritable, but would be acceptable.
Two questions 1)Any recommendations to model? 2) Where do the external drives get their power supply from, via the USB connection or a separate mains supply?

  compumac 19:01 07 Mar 2006

Just one bump

  Danoh 23:59 07 Mar 2006

Have you tried to clean the laser lens inside your laptop's DVD/CD drive (you don't say exactly what the fault is, apart from it "falling over")?

1) I can't recommend any models of external DVD/CD drives
2) DVD/CD drives require more power then most other external devices and is best powered by a separate mains supply rather then via the laptop's USB connections.

  compumac 16:05 08 Mar 2006

Have tried different laser cleaners - all to no avail. The falling over is quite frequently the drive is not seen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 08 Mar 2006

Uninstall and reinstall the IDE channel the drive is on.

Uninstall IDE channel and reboot the laptop, Let XP find new hardware and reinstall th channel and the drive.

  compumac 22:16 08 Mar 2006

Guidance on uninstalling IDE channel - How?

  Danoh 00:07 09 Mar 2006

My desktop's DVD was not seen unless I inserted a DVD or CD in and re-booted. Other newer issues meant I have just upgraded the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and now it's shown and works as it should.

Could you have stressed your laptop's power supply (e.g. pulled too much power from your USB ports by connecting too many power-hungry devices? Does it show if you do not have any other devices connected?

  compumac 14:38 09 Mar 2006

Ther are no items connected by USB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:47 09 Mar 2006

Start - settings -Control panel - system - hardware - device manager.

Click on + next to Ide /ata/atapi controllers
(Your CD/ DVD are usually on secondary controller can be seen as PC boots,
on first screen says something like
Primary master hard drive
Secondary master DVD
secondary slave DVD

right click on IDE channel your DVD is on (secondary) select uninstall from the menu.

You can then either reboot to let xp find and reinstall the hardware(best way) or click Action -scan for new hardware devices and let XP reinstall the hardware.

  compumac 16:18 09 Mar 2006

Thanks, have tried this but still intermittent read/not read. Looks like I will have to go for the external drive option.

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