External DVD rewriter

  BingoBoy 16:21 13 Jan 2012

I have a rather outdated PC being a Dell Dimension 2400 running Windows XP Home SP3. It has 256MB of RAM using a pentium 4 processor with 20GB of free space. As I do not have the readies to buy a new PC could anybody suggest a suitable external DVD rewriter that would work with this PC to enable me to free up some space by downloading my pictures onto DVD's. To date I have burnt the pictures to CD's as it only has a CD writer but having changed my camera to a Panasonic Lumix the size of my pictures has increased so not sure if I could get many on a CD compared to a DVD.

Any advice would be most welcome.

  Ian in Northampton 16:30 13 Jan 2012

Assuming you have a USB port available, pretty much anything should work. As a random example:


You can get any number of 'no name' drives for less.

  robin_x 17:44 13 Jan 2012

Having a single set of any files is risky.

CD/DVDs may have quite a short lifetime. Plenty of reports of even 2 yr old discs being unreadable. (Flash sticks are also not suitable for long term storage)

Reading between the lines, I guess that you don't have two ext USB hard drives for backup.

If pennies do not stretch to a bigger main drive and an additional ext HDD, I would suggest you signup to a free cloud service such as Dropbox (2GB) or Microsoft Skydrive (50GB/100MB per file max).

Keep your piccies on CD/DVD and 'in the cloud'. ie at least in two places.

  BingoBoy 18:35 13 Jan 2012

I do also upload my pictures to Snapfish so they are effectively stored offsite but I need to find a way of downloading them to DVD so I can then at least view them easily via my DVD player/TV. This will also allow me to clear them off the PC.

How do external hard drives work in connection with a PC? Is this anohter option to keeping a claer PC? Any ideas of a reasonable HDD?

  robin_x 18:54 13 Jan 2012

External drives just plug in the USB port.

Prices shot up after the Thailand floods but are coming back down now.

I can't recommend a specific one at a reasonable price and in stock just at the minute.

Maybe someone else can?

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