External DVD drive for 500 MHz computer

  Jabberwock 19:40 09 Dec 2007

I've just bought a Vye S18 umpc and am very happy with it. However, it's more difficult than I expected to find an external dvd drive so I can install programs to the Vye, because most of them need machines running at 700 MHz or more. The Vye AMD Goede chip is 500 MHz. Any ideas?

  MCE2K5 20:04 09 Dec 2007

You've got 2 USB2 ports, as it says on this, click here

All you need is a USB2 External DVD writer Like this example, click here

  rod45 13:05 11 Dec 2007

Hi Jabberwock

I am considering purchasing one of the vye umpc's but i can't decide which one how are you finding the one that you have,

  Jabberwock 09:14 12 Dec 2007

Thanks for the info, but my question was whether it is relevant that these drives say they need a processor that's 700 MHz or faster. The vye is only 500 MHz and I don't want to fork out money for a drive that doesn't work at that speed.

I have the s18 LX800 which I bought from dabs, and I am happy with it up to a point. At the highest screen resolution you have to have good eyes to read the normal display, at the lowest, it's fine.

Wifi worked straight out of the box (that's the advantage of xp pro as opposed to vista) and bluetooth is available if you want it.

The speed is not really an issue if you have a little bit of patience (the boot sequence is comparable with an older desktop - couple of mins or so). Hooked up to an external monitor using the vga output (newer ones can handle it OK) and speakers, it rocks! Skype works a treat, but I had to look for an older version of real player that works all right at 500 MHz. Don't seem to be able to install iTunes, but I'm going to have another go today. Windows media player works fine.

The touch screen (which is really handy when you swivel the screen round to use it as a tablet) seems to work OK, and could be quite useful once you've found out how to calibrate it;)) - I haven't yet.

All in all, it's a really useful piece of kit, and would appear to be perfect for checking mail, using the web, storing photos and files etc. if you're out and about a lot.

It feels sturdy, the build is solid. Minor complaint about the Vye computer logo on the lid which looks a bit hokey, but that's all.

If you have around 600 quid to spare, go for it!

  MCE2K5 15:41 12 Dec 2007

I've got an old PC with an AMD 333Mhz in it and it works just fine.

  Jabberwock 23:59 12 Dec 2007

Thanks a lot. That's what I wanted to hear. I'll pick one up tomorrow.

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