External drives have transposed their letters

  exdragon 10:14 17 Apr 2006

Title says it all, I suppose! I've got XP and 2 external hard drives, one named L for my back ups (using Ezbackitup) and the other, M, for photographs.

This morning instead of the weekly back up going happily to L, it can't be found. In Explorer, if I turn on M, it's shown as L.

Any ideas as to how I get them back the way they were, please, and how/why it happened?


  VoG II 10:17 17 Apr 2006

click here

You will need to assign another letter to L, change M to L, then change the old L to M.

  exdragon 10:30 17 Apr 2006

Thanks, my own personal expert! But how can it have happened in the first place? They have been perfectly happy with the orignal letters for the past six months or so!

Or is it just one of life's little computer mysteries?

  VoG II 10:33 17 Apr 2006

I don't know hopw it happened in your case. I managed to do this once by unplugging my external HDD and ZIP drive then connecting them in the 'wrong' order.

  Taff™ 10:35 17 Apr 2006

Sometimes happens to me as well so I`ve just named the volume names. In Explorer right click the drive letter and select properties. I`ve named mine for example "Freecom250" and "Backup" Not very original but I know which is which now.

  exdragon 10:42 17 Apr 2006

I wonder if I could have inadvertently done it while using the Safely Remove Hardwear icon? There's a choice of 3, USB mass storage device, generic volume (M) and USB 2 storage device.

Would that have made a difference? Do I really need to close them this way, or can I safely just switch them off?

  Taff™ 11:05 17 Apr 2006

Always use the remove hardware safely option or wait until the computer is off. Lost more than one backup by simply switching it off or yanking outthe USB cable because I was in a hurry!

Like VoG™ my problem was caused by randomly inserting the connections in a different order. Now with each volume having a name it doesn`t matter to me which order XP puts them in.

  exdragon 11:10 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for that - I could have understood it if I'd disconnected them, but last Monday's back up was fine & the drive hasn't been accessed since then.

Oh well...time for a cuppa. At least I know the kettle will be in the same place as I left it last night!

  jack 12:18 17 Apr 2006

Disconnecting the USB 's seems to be the main culprit
Win simply finds a drive and names it in order of connection. I frequently have this happen even though my two external drives [1 FW 1 USB] are not unplugged various other devices [media cards and the like] do come and go, and Win gets the hump and shuffles the lot just show how fed up it is.

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