external drive slow to start

  DrLector 07:29 02 Oct 2007

i have a toshiba external drive with alot of important files on it, but the other day when i turnd it on all i got was a slow clicking sound, and a still bule light, insted of the flashing blue and red when it fires up, after about 15 mins it came to life and was fine but the next time i turnd it on it was 45 before it came on then 4 hours before it started and now its been on for 24 hours and still nothing has happend.
I cant have this drive die on me, i need to get it sorted dose anyone have any iders ,also if it dose fire up agin whats the best was to save all my impotant files from the drive ,i was thinking of geting a memory stick ?
iv tryed it in another pc ,same thing, and im running on xp if that helps

thanks for any help

  Jak_1 07:32 02 Oct 2007

Sounds like the drive has a major problem and is dying. If not already done, backup those files soonest.

  Jak_1 07:34 02 Oct 2007

Easiest way is to drag and drop the files to your main drive. As to a usb stick then that would depend on the collective size of the files.

  PP321 07:35 02 Oct 2007

At the FIRST sign of trouble, you should have backed it up.

I hear this daily, and my advice is allways the same..If the files are that important , back them up!

Now obviously this External drive WAS your backup, but could you not have dragged the files to a folder on your C: , got your Ext HD sorted, then put the files back?

And by the way the clicking sound you heard is allmost ALLWAYS terminal in a hard drive, is it under gurantee?

  Technotiger 07:50 02 Oct 2007

Looks to me as if you have left it too late, far too late. I think your drive is probably dead already.

However, computers are strange beasties and the oddest things do happen. I would turn-off and disconnect the drive, leave it off for a couple of days, then have one more try - it might, just might, then fire up again. If it does, immediately save your important stuff. If it does not fire up again, then I would think that you have learned a very important and expensive lesson. It may be possible for experts to recover your data from the drive, but very very expensive, I am talking hundreds of pounds!!

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