External Drive problems

  rawprawn 15:23 20 Feb 2008

Yesterday my pen drive stopped working and I ended up Formatting it and it is now OK.
This morning when I came to look at my WD 250gb external (Backup) drive all I could get was that I must format it to use it. After trying everything I knew Uninstalling drivers etc I had no optio but to format it. However halfway through the format it was rejected.
I talked to Western Digital, they sau it is faulty and they will replace it no problem, but does anyone know what may have caused 2 external drives to do this more or less at the same time.
Any ideas please I am a bit stumped.

  crosstrainer 15:39 20 Feb 2008

A voltage spike, static electricty, or maybe just pure coincidence. I had a new member of staff a few years back who was so prone to accumulating large static charges (wrist straps et al attached) that in the end we had to let her go.

Even with surge protection, man made fibre in clothing can cause this on quite a dramatic scale.

This poor girl could actually generate a visible blue spark! Scary for me with visions of ££££ worth of kit being rendered useless. She now works in the insurance field, but noe with computers!

  Diemmess 15:47 20 Feb 2008

"Once is happenstance
Twice is circumstance
Three times is WAR" - goes the quote

With my gloom & doom hat on, I wonder if you can check for a RAM fault perhaps.

My reason for this ..... about 6 years ago,
I bought a budget PC for a son's birthday.
It was bought ready to go without an OS.

I tried to install 98 but at Windows first run, aborted and scanned the HD finding more and more bad sectors.

I phoned the retailer who promptly picked up and dropped a replacement HD. The same thing happened again!

I can't remember whether the computer was returned complete once or even twice, but they never explained the failure.
What they did do as a final test was to load Windows, proved that it worked, and then format it!

It seems possible that a hardware fault elsewhere could have been responsible for HD and Pen Drive failure?

  rawprawn 15:56 20 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replies, I have just partitioned my HD and I am now doing an emergency backup to that (Acronis Secure Zone)
I agree with you Diemmess, it could be another hardware fault somewhere and as soon as the backup is finished I will start checking.Whats the easiest way to check RAM, everything else seems to be working with no problem.

However I am hoping that crosstrainer is nearer the mark.
I will get back.

  crosstrainer 16:01 20 Feb 2008

You could remove a stick at a time and see if it makes any difference (apart from slowing the pc down :))

If you are running vista, there is a memory diagnostic included in the F8 boot option. If XP, then I seem to remember sisoft sandra had a memory checker.....will look now.

  crosstrainer 16:02 20 Feb 2008

click here=

But appears to be pay only.

  rawprawn 16:09 20 Feb 2008

Thanks for that I only have a laptop now, and whereas I was happy inside my old desktop, I feel that I don't want to open this up.
I am on Vista Home Premium so I will look at the memory diagnostic after I finish backing up.

  crosstrainer 16:11 20 Feb 2008

Should be left to the workshop's I'm afraid. I hate working on them, but still do. You are right, although the memory is easily accessible, lets hope it isn't that.

  Diemmess 16:13 20 Feb 2008

I honestly don't know! All I could do is try one piece at a time .... with horrid results if you try the faulty one.

I suppose a computer repair place might have a more sophisticated way!

  crosstrainer 16:17 20 Feb 2008

Not really, we have a few utilities, but in most cases, we replace with new, and return the faulty modules for refund.

  rawprawn 16:39 20 Feb 2008

Quick question while I am waiting for the backup. Any thoughts regarding leaving an exteral HD connected all the time. The one that has just died has been connected ever since I bought it 12 months ago.

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