External Drive Problem

  Phoenix40 15:38 19 Jun 2011

Hello i have a Packard Bell desktop computer which uses Vista Windows and a Nvidia 8400GS graphics card. I have been using a external drive for about 3 years connected by a USB port at the back of my computer for some of my games. I have just discovered that it doesnt seem to be working now. The actual external drive is still flashing green its a Maxtor 500GB drive. But there is no sign that the computer is recognising it now, i have tried reconnecting the USB lead but there is still no recognition from the computer that it is connected. I just wonder if someone can help me to see if its the drive that is broken down and i need a new one or theres a problem with the USB ports.Hope this is enough information for any advice look forward to any help thank you.

  Nontek 16:49 19 Jun 2011

Have you any problems with any other USB peripherals?

  Nontek 16:52 19 Jun 2011

I should have added - try another USB peripheral in that same port.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 19 Jun 2011

Ghost device conflicts are the mostly cause especially for devices that are connected and disconnected regularly i.e. pen drives, external drives, mp3 devices and phones.

Remove all USB devices


Download and run

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

  Phoenix40 17:53 19 Jun 2011

Hello thank you for your replies. It seems i might have sorted it out now. I dont know if this had anything to do with what happened. But i did a Adware scan with my spyware and found nothing. When i did a restart on my computer to go to desktop i saw a screen that you have when you install a peripheral connection like a USB. I automatically closed the screen then i noticed that some of my game icons on my desktop had gone blank. Thats when i realised my external drive seemed to have gone wrong. When i kept putting the USB lead into my back port it kept coming up USB connection malfunction. I then wondered if USB leads or plugs become damaged ( i dont know if you can answer that?)I then found another USB lead from elsewhere and connected it from the external drive to the port at the back. Then that menu appeared i cant remember what you call it? When you connect a lead. It hovered on open files i opened it found my external drive letter with all the software. Then i clicked on my computer drive and it seems to have solved the problem. It seems to be working now. This is the first time ive had this problem so i wonder if USB leads that come with anything you buy do wear away or become damaged? If so can i buy them on their own? Thanks for the help anyway.

  Nontek 17:59 19 Jun 2011

Yes, leads can become damaged, just like anything else. Glad you have it sorted.

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