External drive problem

  Miros 11:19 27 Oct 2006

Bought a Packard Bell External drive two weeks ago. I have reinstalled my O.S Windows XP pro. The external should install from USB port, but nothing has happened after 20 Minutes, this can not be correct can it? over twenty minutes to install?
First the green light comes on then the red, my PC Say's it's found new hardware, it whirls away, and I'm sure if I left it it would go on all day.
Can anyone help with this one please?

  Diemmess 11:29 27 Oct 2006

Which came first, reinstalling XP, or using the new external HD?

  Miros 12:03 27 Oct 2006

I had the External Hard Drive Installed first and did a back up ( I think? I hope, I'm clueless really) then did reinstall, but now have the problem above, i.e. can't install External Hard Drive.

  Diemmess 13:53 27 Oct 2006

I'd half hoped I could point a finger at the Ext HD and say send it back!

The lights presumably come from this device so obviously it is switched on, and since Windows finds new hardware you must be very close to success.

Two things to check.
Try plugging your printer (if it is USB) into the port you use for the Ext HD and vice versa.
It shouldn't make any difference, but it just might show something unexpected.

Windows itself if it was a complete reinstall ought to be behaving, but look in Control Panel >System > Hardware > Device Manager and down at the bottom of the list there may be a yellow triangle in the USB section.

It can happen that one or more of the USB drivers is not correct, but you can be bold and right click each of them and unistall.
(You do have your XP CD dont you?)
I think on rebooting Windows will reinstall these drivers anyway.

  woodchip 14:15 27 Oct 2006

After reinstalling XP have you yet reinstalled SP2 as there is USB2 support in the update

  Miros 14:30 27 Oct 2006

Tried my scanner and a USB phone in USB port both found though didn't install scanner as CD was required, so it would seem ports are OK, also showing OK in Device manger.

Woodchip, yes my XP is an updated version comes with SP2 preinstalled.

Bought at PC World 07/10/06 think I should take it back and get it checked out there?

  Miros 14:32 27 Oct 2006

The External Hard Drive was bought at PC World. Not XP.

  Diemmess 14:53 27 Oct 2006

If the drive is in working order it should show not only at PCW but in a friend's computer as well.
If it isn't far to take it back, then that seems a good first check move, they could plug it into a demo quite easily and no quibbles with such a short ownership.

  Miros 14:57 27 Oct 2006

I'm off to PCW right now, will be back within the hour, and give a report, cheers.

  Miros 16:58 27 Oct 2006

It was faulty. I was offered same manufacturer's product £10 dearer but lesser spec I refused, Manager told me products are the same price through out PCW. He thinks mine was a sale product I know it wasn't.I bought my higher spec product in their Reading branch 17 days ago and returned dodgy one to Stockport. I have now lost everything that was on hard drive and must say I'm a bit bothered about any info re: banking etc, Technician says they just dump them not worth repairing, and to get a specialist company to recover info he suggested would cost about £100 which I would be expected to pay.

Now I'll do a search on Internet for replacement. Thanks for you help, also woodchip.

  woodchip 17:38 27 Oct 2006

Try uninstalling all USB in device Manager then Restart computer

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