External disk dead

  peterbj7 17:35 18 Apr 2011

I have a WD desktop (mains powered) 1.5tb USB HD that I bought a few months ago. I don't use it much (maybe 30 accesses from new) and it is never moved from my desk. When not actually in use it is totally disconnected from power and other devices. Recently I tried to use it and it wouldn't power up - totally dead. The previous time it had worked perfectly, and as always I had been careful to dismount it correctly. I tried the external power supply in another similar drive I have and it worked just fine. I tried the proven power supply from that other external drive in the faulty one and nothing ... still dead. The drive is under warranty, but I have confidential material on it that I do not want anyone else to see, so I don't want to send it to WD (a waste of time anyway, from previous experience).

Not powering up it is of course not recognised by Windows.

Can any one suggest what may have gone wrong and what I can do about it?

  woodchip 18:10 18 Apr 2011

If you can get the Drive out I would suggest trying it in another Case. As the Electronics may have failed in the case

  torver 19:07 18 Apr 2011

I had a similar experience recently, no power, nothing. I removed hard drive to attach to PC, it was working fine. I then reassembled it and it worked. Go Figure. Something to try if you want to delve deeper and if all else fails attach to main PC directly that way you can copy all files across.

  robin_x 19:15 18 Apr 2011

For my ext Seagate Desktop HDD, taking the thing to bits was easy, apart from snapping most of the case tabs off. Mine were buggers even when I could see how they should come apart.

  peterbj7 02:35 19 Apr 2011

Thanks for the replies. I'll have to dismantle the enclosure, though at present I can't see how. Anyone know with a current-model WD mains-powered enclosure?

  wee eddie 06:04 19 Apr 2011

I have just looked at mine. Not a screwhead to be seen anywhere, but, if all appears lost, then ones Burgulars Kit would come in handy. A Jemmy for instance.

Have a look here first link text

  Diemmess 09:16 19 Apr 2011

This post started to bother me.- How to get into the enclosure? I too have an external HD case of obscure origin and found no screws! I put it in there in the first place but how?

The answer in my 'case' is to look at the long side of the enclosure and see where the moulded fluting goes 'solid' into an oval shape close to one end of the case. There is a similar moulding on the other long side. Now simply squeeze these oval areas between finger and thumb and the whole cover will come away on one side of the box.

Yours may be entirely different!!

Incidentally this is backyard engineering, the HD is free to rattle around in the box.

  robin_x 10:09 19 Apr 2011

True backyard engineering is securing important items by means of an old empty cigarette pack ;-)

How to open...wade through these. link text

Don't forget if there are any screws, may be hidden under labels or rubber feet. My Seagate was screwless though, until inside. Then metal box with small screws for the HDD.

  peterbj7 15:06 19 Apr 2011

Well so far I haven't found the slightest chink in the case, though clearly there has to be a seam somewhere. No screws, no rubber plugs, one label that I'm pretty sure doesn't have a screw underneath. I don't know why they make them this way, when clearly they're not 100% reliable and do need opening from time to time.

  robin_x 19:36 19 Apr 2011

Is it the 'Elements' WD?

link text

  peterbj7 00:45 20 Apr 2011

Yes I believe so. I can't check until tomorrow as it's with a friend.

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