External CDRW with Nero?

  dippie 13:12 06 Jan 2003
  dippie 13:12 06 Jan 2003

Can anyone recommend a good external CDRW for £100 or under? Would this come with Nero software or would I need to buy this separately? Also, would this be compatible with any PC - I have an IBM Thinkpad T22.
Probably a stupid question, but i'd appreciate any responses.

  recap 13:28 06 Jan 2003

dippie, I don't think you will get Nero with an external CDRW for that price.

Compatibility should not be a problem, CDRW should come USB connections so if your computer has USB then your burner will work.

  dippie 13:39 06 Jan 2003

how much should I expect to pay for Nero with an external CDRW?
Would any other software be as good as Nero at a slighlty cheaper price?
What makes of external CDRW should I be looking at?

  drab 13:54 06 Jan 2003

If you dont intend to carry the rewriter around with you do what i did,and buy an external case that takes an ordinary rewriter,it will cost less than 70 quid for the lot.Iplug mine into the parrelel port,and it works fine.

  dippie 13:59 06 Jan 2003

Drab, where did you get your external case?
Can all internal CDRW be fitted into an external case? Am I likely to have a parallel port on my laptop?

  drab 14:05 06 Jan 2003

I bought my case in a p.c shop in spain,so if they are here they are certainly there.Yes to both other questions.the parralel port is where you plug the printer in.

  drab 14:08 06 Jan 2003

Wish i could spell parallel!

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