external 6-8 hr.batteries for laptops

  dnjl 09:43 21 Jul 2007

Has anyone had any experience of using these?

Before I buy a new laptop internal battery (mine no longer holds it charge) - I would like to know if one of the external ones would still work through this to power laptop when I am camping?

This way I could put the £78 towards an external one as the original one only gives me 45mins. Not a lot for the money.

  Strawballs 09:48 21 Jul 2007

Got a link to them or more info because I might be interested!

  crosstrainer 10:23 21 Jul 2007

Here is a link, I can't vouch for them myself, but might be tempted, However, it's one more bit of kit to lug around!

click here

  dnjl 10:37 21 Jul 2007

Strawballs - I had found them on click here - Universal external batteries - they show 3 the top one being 6-8hrs.
Sorry do not know how to do a "click" so it takes you straight to the page.

  dnjl 15:16 14 Aug 2007

Global batteries.co.uk are your best buy for these external batteries - they have a tech. e-mail support so you can contact them and ask whatever you like.. Id did - replied real quick. Also looked up which was best for my laptop too. I have ordered one.
Have already bought the normal internal battery for my laptop from them (which needed replacing).
Good luck

  scoobydog01 18:56 14 Aug 2007


Just to say, you can run a laptop off of a "car" battery, that's 12 Volts DC, through an adaptor that plugs into a "lighter" socket, and gives out 15 to 24 Volts DC (my Laptop runs on 19 Volts DC). You should check that the adaptor comes with a plug the same as your Laptops 240 (Mains) adaptor, to plug into the Laptop. (The Voltage your laptop requires should be printed on the mains adaptor "brick".

Just a thought! :)

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