exteral hard drive ?

  zebbydog 09:25 29 Feb 2004

I am buying an external 80 gb hd for back up use and after checking prices would like to no,

Is it better to connect via usb 2 or firewire or is there no differance, also is it worth the extra money for a 8 mb buffer instead of the 2 mb buffer.
Any advice please Zebby

  anon1 09:28 29 Feb 2004

The only advice I would offer is 80gb is not very big for back up these days. why not 120gb internal drive as a back up

  Stowit 09:47 29 Feb 2004

I can't speak from experience, but my understanding is there's little to choose between the two(usb 2 & Firewire) in the real world. I seem to remember Firewire has the edge. Most Pcs have usb ports so this is more likely to be flexible though. However as Anon1 suggested, unless you need to carry data between 2 pcs a 2nd internal drive would be cheaper, & I can't see why less effective - unless you need to keep data from prying eyes.

  zebbydog 09:59 29 Feb 2004

I have no spare connecter cables or bays spare for an internal drive. Zebby

  anon1 12:38 29 Feb 2004

How many ide devices do you have connected? Most ribbon cables come with an adapter to allow 2 devices to be connected eg hard drive and cd.
unless you have a very small pc case then you can always add a bay for hdd it is just a matter of adding a carrier

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