Extending Wireless Network

  mikeystipe 20:36 04 Feb 2008

I currently have a wireless network setup using a BT Voyager router. This works fine BUT I have another PC set up in my son's bedroom. It is a significant distance away and well beyond the reach of the wireless signal.

Any ideas - I'm toying with the idea of using HomePlug technology but not sure not sure how good this is. The other PC (at present) has a BT Wireless Adapter installed

Any useful comments/ideas would be appreciated.


  ambra4 21:34 04 Feb 2008

There are many options that you can look at

1- Devolo MicroLink dLAN Highspeed Starter Kit

click here

2 - Hawking Hi-Powered USB Wireless-G Adapter for your Desktop or Laptop PC

The range is up to 800 feet with 22 Mbps of throughput.

click here

3 - Hawking HWREG1 range extender

click here

  mikeystipe 22:28 04 Feb 2008

Thanks Ambra for the above. Your response is encouraging regarding going down the HomePlug route.

Will detail current setup for you (or anybody else that might be able to assist!)

Current setup:

Vista based PC connected via Voyager 2110 modem/router to ADSL Broadband Internet connection.

Some distance away (say 200m)
I can position another 3Com wireless router quite close to a 2nd PC with a USB based BT Wireless Adaptor.

Assuming I don't want to use a wireless repeater and that I can run ethernet cable from router 1 to router 2.

Can I
i) Get I get 2nd PC to utilise my Broadband connection?

ii) If so, how? (details please particularly router 1 and 2 configs - would I need to use different subnets?)

Or am I better sticking to the Homeplug solution even if this means splashing out more cash?

Thanks in advance, Mike

  ambra4 02:30 05 Feb 2008

Look at this solution to add wireless to the area

Netgear WGXB102 Range Extender Kit can provide you

with wireless access through any power outlet in

your home, with no visible cables to interfere with

your home decor.

Download the data sheet and take a read

click here

  ambra4 02:37 05 Feb 2008

You can buy from this site

click here

  mikeystipe 20:03 10 Feb 2008

Hi Ambra,

I've considered the NetGear kit and think that is a promising route to go down.

My understanding is that it's 2 pieces of kit - one which is in effect a Network bridge (cabled from my wireless router) and the Wireless Extender which I can plug in at the remote end.

Am I right in thinking that I can access my wireless network via this assuming that I have a network adaptor plugged into the "remote" PC - i.e no cabling required.


  ambra4 21:43 10 Feb 2008

Not to sure what you saying or mean

The way it work is as follows

You plug in the main unit to an electrical outlet and connect an Ethernet cable from one of the router port to the RJ45 connector on the unit

You than plug in the wireless unit to an electrical outlet in the room that you need a network connection from

The wireless computer will see the wireless unit and access the Internet via the router port

In other words it like running a direct cable from port 3 on the router to the lan card on the computer; except you are not using the lan card to access the router, but the wireless system in the computer to access the router and the Internet.

Hope you understand that and it make sense

  tullie 23:59 10 Feb 2008

I have a friend that uses the range extender,he is very impressed

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