extending the range of bt homehub

  frostyuk 18:07 10 Apr 2007

I've just moved we have an extrnal out house which her in doors wants to use as an office after taking her laptop out to it the signal is very weak so i want to extend the range, i went to pcworld and they dont seem to do anything so i need to know what i can use i have a bt homehub

  Ashrich 22:32 10 Apr 2007

If you have power going to the outhouse then using Homeplug or something similar , click here for a selection . It basically uses your home electric wiring as a conduit for a network , plug one into the socket near the router and connect to the router via ethernet , the other one of the pair plugs into the power socket in the outhouse , you can have the option to connect to the second unit either with ethernet cable or wireless .


  irishrapter 01:11 11 Apr 2007

I take it that the laptop is using an internal aerial.
Maybe you could try a wireless PCMCIA card with an external aerial.
A 7-9 dbi aerial can make a big difference!

  frostyuk 16:10 11 Apr 2007

dont have a PCMICA slot on this laptop and also i need to extend the range for my girlfriends laptop is their like a repeater unit or something along those lines the plug unit is not what i want to do down the road off

  irishrapter 23:08 12 Apr 2007

What you could do is get another BT HomeHub and use that as a repeater.
As far as I know there is a feature in the BT HomeHub that does this, just double check with your own Hub and manual.
You can get one cheap on Ebay!

  ArrGee 11:00 13 Apr 2007

You could take the most basic of methods and get a long ethernet cable instead.

  frostyuk 11:24 13 Apr 2007

With a 7 month old son not the greatest idea and mind you it would have t be on hell of a long cable,
I do have BT Voyager 2091 could that be usedinstead

  fitshase 13:32 13 Apr 2007

What about moving the router to somewhere in between the current location and the external building?

You can then run a shorter cable to the current computer and have a better wireless signal for the out building.

  frostyuk 13:37 13 Apr 2007

the problem is the hub is in the spare room as this is were my PS3 is as i preffer that to be hardwired

  irishrapter 18:39 13 Apr 2007

I can not find any online manual for the BT Voyager 2091 as I can not say that it will work in a repeater mode.
Best thing that you could do is to either check your own manual or just power the Voyager up, log into the router and check the settings.

I think your best bet is to either move the BT Hub to another location which is closer to the area you need access or get another Home Hub and use that as a repeater. (Cheap on Ebay)

You can also get other repeaters like the netgear WG102 or WG302. click here
(seen them for about 80 pounds)

  frostyuk 22:42 14 Apr 2007

i have looked at the specs of the 2091 and it does state wireless repeater support if thats any help

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