Extending my network with the kit that I have.

  Epirb406 10:56 27 Feb 2011

I have a PC connected to the internet via a d-link 615 router and a cable modem.

The PC is hardwired to the modem and the laptop can connect wirelessly via the router.

I own a HP 6280 Network MFD and would like to locate this in a separate room to the PC.

I own a Linksys WAG54GS mobem router from my last ADSL connection.

Can I site the wireless router with the MFD and use it as a wireless hub?

I have been trying a while, disabled it as a DCHP server but shooting in the dark really.

Any clues from those that have gone before? is this even possible?

Thanks for reading, Epirb.

  mgmcc 12:23 27 Feb 2011

Wireless Routers incorporate a "Wireless Access Point" to which Wireless Network Adapters connect.

However, two Wireless Access Points cannot communicate directly (although two WiFi Adapters can in "Ad Hoc" mode). Therefore, your WAG54GS isn't going to connect wirelessly to the DIR-615 to provide an ethernet connection for the printer.

What you require is a "Wireless Network Bridge". This is the opposite of a Wireless Access Point and allows a "wired" network (your printer) to connect to a "wireless" network (your D-Link router).

  Epirb406 12:42 27 Feb 2011

Thanking you for that, looks like I need MORE things!

However,I do see on the set up page under encapsulation something called bridge mode only. The instructions say: "Bridge Mode Only
If you are using your Gateway as a bridge, which makes the Gateway act like a stand-alone modem, select Brdge Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration
Wreless-G ADSL Gateway wth SpeedBooster 10
Mode Only. All NAT and routing settings are disabled in this mode."

Does this help or is it a red herring?

Thanks for your interest.


  mgmcc 14:25 27 Feb 2011

I'm not sure what that means in relation to an ADSL Modem/Router, because acting as a "stand-alone modem" isn't what you're trying to achieve.

It is maybe a question of having a play about with the settings to see if it will act as a Network Bridge, but I don't know the answer.

  Epirb406 18:34 23 Mar 2011

In the end I ran a cable under the floorboard and put the current kit right in the middle of the house.

All working well so far, thanks for your interest and look out for a Modem router being listed on Ebay!


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