Extending C Drive

  Ex plorer 14:21 15 Jun 2014

Hi up to now I have shrunk D drive and created a 93 GB E drive and formatted it.

I will have to extend D a little as I have almost taken all the space.

I now find out that unless I delete that partition I can only extend D Drive by right clicking on it.

C Drive I can only shrink formatted or deleted, I have no option to extend it.

Any advice appreciated.

Win7 Starter Samsung Net book.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 15 Jun 2014

assuming C:D:E: from left to right in disk management?

move everything from D to E

delete the old D: to give unallocated space to the right of C

which you should then be able to extend C: into.

  Ex plorer 16:41 15 Jun 2014

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ moved all to Volume E (called Healthy Logic D) from D Deleted all in D drive its now free space and next to C Drive.

Choice with D Drive is to make into simple Volume only.

C Drive Option to Shrink only, not to extend.

Other Options are open, Explore, that are the same as far as I can see. Mark as Active, change Drive Letter and Path.

  rdave13 17:36 15 Jun 2014

Try making D drive to a simple volume and then delete it. I don't think you can delete free space. It should then show unallocated space.

  Ex plorer 07:58 16 Jun 2014

rdave13 tried as you suggested.

I made it into a simple volume and deleted it both formatted and unformatted, then deleted the the volume.

Formatted or unformatted makes it GB RAW Healthy Logical. Deleting made free space on both ocasions.

It dosent seem to make any differenc if I asinging a drive letter or not once deleted it goes back to free space.

At no time can I expand C Drive.

How the drives are laid out at the moment Far Left:- System, C Drive, New Volume, New voume(E), Recovery Drive.

The two drives E and new volume are high lighted in bright blue.

What am I missing, unallocated space should it be formatted or is it allready formatted.

  Ex plorer 10:30 16 Jun 2014

For now the New Volume is formatted and a-singed as D and a short cut to the desktop for now.

  Bris 16:40 16 Jun 2014

This may help.

Note that you can only extend NTFS partitions.

  Ex plorer 21:11 16 Jun 2014

Hi Bris Its NTFS and one drive, unfortunately I do not get the option to Delete Partition in free space.

A very handy link for future use.

Its my fault for trying to do it, before asking for advice here, I don't think I can do any thing with this new D Drive other than a secondary back up maybe for music only.

Thanks every one your help and advice appreciated.

  HatimeManda 08:50 18 Jun 2014

Well this should display the available unallocated space.

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