Extending BT HomeHub WiFi Signal.

  jprdover 19:53 15 Nov 2010

I've checked forums for an answer, unsuccessfully. Using a BT Homehub we find wifi signal not good in some rooms. Hub not moveable,do have another phone socket but no power close by. Have considered Homeplugs, Powerline etc.
Can anybody confirm if an extender, connected to hub, in same room is likely to improve signal please? Recommendations welcomed.

  bremner 20:02 15 Nov 2010

Have a look at this thread from earlier today click here

  jprdover 20:19 15 Nov 2010

Many thanks for that bremner. I did see that post but got lost between the "wireless g and n". My laptop is set to 802.11n so will one of those advertised in the link on that post work for me do you think?

  bremner 20:23 15 Nov 2010

The BT Homehub 2 is a N router therefore you are best served by a N repeater like click here

  jprdover 20:52 15 Nov 2010

Understood, thanks again. One more thing thing, as the hub and the extender will be in a "closed door" room, the reason for all this, do you know if the extender button has to be pressed each time for usage or will it remain set? Sorry to come back at you again, quite new to this forum.

  bremner 20:56 15 Nov 2010

Are you suggesting that you are going to put the extender/repeater in the same room as the Hub?

  jprdover 21:07 15 Nov 2010

Well I was going to do that as I understand have to be connected by ethernet to hub. Don't want cables around.

Actually, I believe that it is designed to do away with wires and cabling, doesn't it pick up the radio signal and rebroadcast it?

  bremner 21:21 15 Nov 2010

As undyer says it is a wireless set up. You want to put it in the position where it provides the best signal for the location where your computer(s) are sited.

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