Ext CD-RW Required for DELL Laptop - Suggestions??

  Jackie-209613 23:36 02 Feb 2004

I want an external CD-RW. I need suggestions.

I have a powerfull PC bundle that I am getting rid of, and am going to use my lappy. The lappy is an old (but solidly reliable) DELL Latitude C5x. 1.4 mghz processor. Running Win 2000.

I am contemplating an external CD-RW as an interim to another PC bundle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Of course I have made my own investigations, but there are so many on the market it's a minefield. To be honest, I use the CD-RW for backup and recording MP3 or WAV and that's about it. Simple stuff.

All I need is something not too pricey but solidly reliable. The one I had with my Pc bundle drives me mad with crashes, hangs, and the rest. When it works, it's fast - 700mb cd-to-cd in 2.5 mins. But I loose so many discs because of errors it's untrue.

Any suggestions, gratefully received.


  smegs 00:16 03 Feb 2004

MissJax99, "700mb cd-to-cd in 2.5 mins" I'm not surprised U lose so many disks. Fly on the wall, Not good, At 2.5 mins!! How about a USB? Has Ur lappy got USB ports???

  Jackie-209613 00:48 03 Feb 2004

I am confused. Are you saying should be faster? #

Not sure.

Anyway old PC has USB. USB on Old PC USB version 1.1.

USB on Laptop 1.1 connected to a 4-way adaptor so that I can use it for more than just one device.

Trying to keep costs down (as you may see)!!! ;-)


  smegs 12:34 03 Feb 2004

Not at all. The slower the write speed the better. I have tried Fly-On-The-Wall and had No end of problems.

  smegs 12:40 03 Feb 2004

click here_(pcga-crwd1).html click here click here

  Jackie-209613 15:50 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for the advice. Ah right, the slower the better. I was not sure, as you always expect speed to be a prime consideration in this area. Wll I do anyway. I am just so frustrated by the internal CD-R I have on my tower PC that causes so many problems, that I think I am just going to get rid of it and use the laptop, which is pretty reliable.

It's so bad on the PC that backup CD-RW discs with all my data end up not being readable, then the PC crashes and I lkoose all my data - which I have done again. Recording has a 50:50 success rate - literally for every CD I burm I loose one to incomplete recording etc.etc. God it does my head in.

  smegs 16:14 03 Feb 2004

What software R U using???

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