Expression Web anyone?

  Forum Editor 10:20 22 Apr 2007

Is anyone using Expression Web, the new replacement for Microsoft FrontPage, and if so, what do you think of it?

  RussG 13:15 22 Apr 2007

Have a look here,

click here

They have a forum devoted to Expression which might give you some idea.

  HighTower 14:15 22 Apr 2007

It doesn't support PHP / mySQL so I'll not be jumping ship.

  powerless 14:17 22 Apr 2007

Well I have SharePoint Designer and that's Expressions bigger brother.

But I still use DW as it's what I am more happier with now.

  Forum Editor 15:00 22 Apr 2007

SharePoint designer isn't really Expression Web's bigger brother - it's around the same price, and is really designed for use in a corporate IT environment. I beta tested it for Microsoft, it's an excellent tool, and requires no previous technical knowledge.

Expression Web, which I also tested is, in Microsoft's words, 'for professional web designers'. The company says this about it:

"Expression Web is a new product for professional Web designers that combines the best of both FrontPage and Visual Studio technologies in a new user interface for creating XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, and ASP.NET 2.0. Where appropriate, the user interface and features of Expression Web and Visual Studio are identical (such as for ASP.NET control properties)."

I've used it for a while now, and I have to say it's miles better than FrontPage, and a lot easier to learn than DreamWeaver for someone who may not have that much web design experience.

  powerless 15:08 22 Apr 2007

I stand corrected.

  Forum Editor 07:12 23 Apr 2007

Yes, I can confirm that, but.......Microsoft said it was being considered, and I think we might find PHP support in a service pack release before too long.

  Forum Editor 17:23 23 Apr 2007

I've asked the Microsoft Press Office if they can find out about PHP and MySQL support for ExpressionWeb.

I suspect they'll refer this back across the Atlantic, so my answer may be a few days in coming. I'll report back when I hear anything.

  Forum Editor 23:55 09 May 2007

I'm sorry to have taken so long getting back to you on this. I actually received a response the day following my last post, but I've been travelling, and it went into an office mailbox unnoticed.

The information comes from John Allwright - Microsoft's Expression Web product manager, so it's straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak:

“Expression Web enables designers to create standards based, cross platform, cross browser websites including extensive support for CSS, XHTML and accessibility standards.
One common complaint we hear from Web Designers is that their tools don’t enable them to collaborate easily with Developers. With Expression Web and the other members of the Expression family we’ve taken the opportunity to address this through close integration with Visual Studio. In support of the huge number customers already using ASP.NET the first release of Expression Web focuses on this, providing the best ASP.NET Web design environment available to complement the best ASP.NET development environment: Visual Studio.

In 2006 Microsoft announced a technical collaboration with Zend to optimise the PHP experience on Windows servers. Building on this, PHP support is one feature we’ll take customer feedback into consideration for future releases of Expression Web.
A range of database connection methods are supported including ODBC which would allow connection to MySQL databases if required. As an alternative to MySQL in development, Microsoft provides SQL Server Express edition as a free download from Microsoft.

Developers can also start working with ASP.NET using Visual Web Developer Express, a full ASP.NET development environment, also available as a free download from”

So there you have it - PHP support will come in a future update/release.

  imacd 14:51 10 May 2007

I started learning web design using FrontPage and switched to Expression Web 3 months ago - it is loads better and I get really frustrated when I have to use FrontPage at work. Ex Web makes working with CSS and XHTML so much easier and gives validation feedback while you work - I can't fault it, but then again, I don't do php!

  fanzine 11:26 24 Jul 2007

how does sharepoint designer compare to expression web, and how do they both compare to dreamweaver? We have a website here created in dreamweaver but IT want us to move to sharepoint, and i guess therefore sharepoint designer. I have to recruit for a new web designer (the dreamweaver bod left) and am not sure what to go for - would a web designer be insulted if they have to use sharepoint designer? Should I resist this change from IT? Please help - lots of questions here...

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