Scotia3030 19:13 16 Mar 2009


I'm new to these forum's but hope someone can help me, with down to earth speak and advice.

I've just bought a new Acer Aspire 6930G. It's a total stepup from my last Acer and working wonders! Despite the windows index score! ha ha

I've got a Netgear WG834GT Wireless Modem Router that works perfectly. I need to make this work to it's full potential, 108 Mbps and decided on a Wireless PC Card to match - a Netgear WG511T.

I've just noticed my card slot on the laptop isn't a PCMIA? version but an ExpressCard/54 slot.

Can someone please, please advise me if the WG511T will fit, as a type II PC Card slot or what my options are?

Many Thanks.

  iqs 19:31 16 Mar 2009

I dont think a ExpressCard will fit a PCMCIA slot,for various reasons.

PCMCIA supports PC Cards and Card Bus and is a parallel connection.

Express cards are a different size and connect via a Serial coonnection to a SUB 2.0 bus or PCI-e bus.

If I'm wrong,others more smarter then I will correct me...

  iqs 19:32 16 Mar 2009

should read USB 2.0 bus

  Scotia3030 20:17 16 Mar 2009

Thanks iqs, as I thought.

There's a lot of blogs on internet saying yes it will work and no it won't.

You've confirmed my fears.

What can I buy to work with this 'new' standard in industry? Are there adaptors to fit?

  InTheCity 20:24 16 Mar 2009

belkin do one for express slot
click here
Are you sure it hasnt already got a onboard wireless function?

  Scotia3030 20:29 16 Mar 2009

I've got the wireless function, standard but was looking to match and pair the maximum wireless speeds of the router as quoted, 108Mbps.

I am a novice, am I not understanding this?

  AL47 22:06 16 Mar 2009

id be very much surprised if your isp [who you pay for internet] can deliver 108Mbps

our router is 54Mbps but we get from our isp 0.5Mbps

this is the limiting factor,

if the laptop is new enough to have an express card slot [like mine] it should have an inbuil wireless card capable of delivering what your isp can provide

i think

  iqs 22:08 16 Mar 2009

108 is just for sending receiving data between PC's and laptops for example,it does not affect the internet connection speed/download speed.

No need to match.

  ambra4 22:26 16 Mar 2009

To use PCMCIA CardBus PC Card on a computer with an ExpressCard 34/54 form factor slot

you have to use a ExpressCard to PCMCIA CardBus PC Card Adapter/Converter

click here

  Ashrich 22:27 16 Mar 2009

Swap your internal card for an Atheros based one that has the 108mb/s capability , usually an easy swap to do . You'll probably need a mini PCI-e one as it is a new laptop , click here for a good range .


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