Exporting Outlook Express to Windows Mail

  onionbag 14:59 15 Jun 2008

I recently bought a new PC after the motherboard failed on my old one. I've connected the old Hard Drive to the new set up and have managed to copy across all my folders and documents no problem. However I'm having problems with exporting my mail folders and contacts from the Outlook Express repository.

I've followed the instructions on the following site:

click here

and managed to successfully locate the Outlook Express Folder Store making sure that the contents are not read only. However when I try to copy the folder onto the the new Hard Drive I get an error message that says I need permission to perform this action. I've tried making sure that I have the correct permissions for all the files and folders to view the file but I'm now stuck.

If I try to import the messages direct from the current location on the old drive I get an error that says there are no file types in that location

I'm having a similar problem with getting my IE7 Favourites copied across

Can anyone help


Onion Bag

  Taff™ 23:28 15 Jun 2008

Give us the exact messages and where they are originating. This sounds like either User Account Control or just a case of needing to take ownership of the folder. click here

  onionbag 19:16 16 Jun 2008

Thanks Taff

Cracked it! I thought I'd already taken ownership of the folder but tried it again and it worked. Now have all my old e-mails back

Is there a simlar process for copying my Outlook Express contacts and IE7 favourites i.e. are they buried somewhere in the file structure on my old hard drive in a format I can import export. Most of the help I've found talks about exporting them to CSV files etc but I never did this before my PC died.

Not a massive problem but if there is quick fix it will save me alot of work

Hope you can help


Onion Bag

  Taff™ 09:16 17 Jun 2008

Search your old drive for *.wab (Windows Address book) Your favourites are in a folder called "Favorites" - note the spelling. You`ll find that in C:\Documents and Settings\{Your User Name}\Favorites

  onionbag 19:42 17 Jun 2008

Hi Taff

I've tried searching the old drive for a .wab file extension but no joy.

I've found the favourites file but despite the fact that I've taken ownership of all the favorites folders it won't let me either copy the files to the new Disk and import from there or just import direct from the old disk. Pretty much given up hope on the basis that its not worth the hassle. Can't belive how hard Windows makes this process


Onion Bag

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