Exporting messages

  sil_ver 13:36 04 Aug 2005

I've got two drives. Each has W2K installed. I need to do a fresh install on one of the drives but would like to export all my messages in OE to the other drive. I tried using the export facility but I'm a bit confused as to how to send it where I want to. Probably simple to do but let's just say I'm having a senior moment.

  recap 13:51 04 Aug 2005

There may be a quicker way of doing this I dont know?

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{5BE0DC20-461C-11D6-A92F-B1E501C3A435}\Microsoft\Outlook Express or which ever drive you have your store of messages in. Then all you need do is to drag and drop them to the selected drive/folder.

  DieSse 14:55 04 Aug 2005

Instead of exporting them from the one - try importing them from the other - it's simpler.

  Batch 15:32 04 Aug 2005

If I recall, the export function wants to export to another application / format (e.g. to Outlook, rather than Outlook Express).

Import is definitely the way to go. If you won't have both drives available at the same time, locate the relevant folder (as above - but note that the bit in the {...} may / will be different - each user has a unique identity) and then backup the folders (to CD or whatever) and then import from there.

  sil_ver 18:06 04 Aug 2005

Not had any luck as there is nothing in Identities. Any way I seem to have managed to repair windows. Not really what I wanted as I was going to do a fresh install but can't for the life of me remember how I managed to format and install W2K on my SATA drive(s)on RAID 0 as the installer keeps telling me I've not got a hard drive. But that's another story.

  Batch 19:57 04 Aug 2005

If you want to locate the email files (aka folders), do a search (within the windows folder should suffice) for *.dbx and you should be able to determine which folder contains the email files.

There will be other .dbx files around so look for a folder than contains .dbxs which are the same as your email folders (e.g. inbox.dbx)

  sil_ver 21:10 04 Aug 2005

Thanks for that Batch, I'll bear it in mind for the future

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