Exporting email addresses of a distribution list

  shellship 18:54 13 Aug 2008

I have an Outlook distribution list, the email addresses in which I wish to send to another guy to put into his Address Book to save him typing the whole lot individually. I have Outlook and he had Outlook Express. Can't work out how to do it. Advice please.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:00 14 Aug 2008

I don't know if you can create a csv file "normally" in outlook, if not you could do it in VBA

  Taff™ 06:24 14 Aug 2008

Unfortunately I`m not aware of a way to export directly from a distribution list so you need to create a new folder in Outlook as a sub folder of "Contacts". (This assumes you don`t want to send him your entire contact list)

Copy all the relevant contacts to this folder by holding the Control Key and dragging and dropping them into this folder, the use the export function from the file menu.

  shellship 15:25 16 Aug 2008

Sorry to be so long coming back. I can bring up the distribution list in Outlook, select all the names and email addresses but Control and dragging them to the new folder does not move (or copy) them anywhere. Any more advice please.

  shellship 15:36 16 Aug 2008

Me again. Thought I had cracked it by dragging just the name of the Distribution list to the new folder and then exporting (to Excel) but all it showed was the selected headers i.e. Name & Email but no detail.

  jaraba 16:04 16 Aug 2008

Bit long winded but could you not just export the whole address book as a csv file and then copy & paste the relevant details into a new csv file before sending it to him.

  Woolwell 17:19 16 Aug 2008

You can save your distribution list a text file. If you go to contacts and open the distribution list then go to File - save as and choose RTF.

It should be possible to import from this.

  Woolwell 17:20 16 Aug 2008

Should read "You can save your distribution list as a text file."

  shellship 10:35 17 Aug 2008

Woolwell you are a Genius. jaraba, it would have worked but would have taken longer than Woolwell's method. Thank you both v much.

  ronbin76 20:07 04 Sep 2008

I have read all the above Comments but am still lost as how to export my distribution lists as CSV files.

I have them all backed up as RTF files both on my computer and an external hard drive but the thing of it is, how do I turn those into CSV files ready for uploading to an e-mail sending progeramme?

If I were to change them all to individual contacts they would swamp my personal e-mail adderess book, something I don't want to do.

Has anyone got any advice please?? If you wold like to e-mail them to me I would be exceedingly grateful ([email protected])

Look forward to hearing from you,


  ronbin76 20:10 04 Sep 2008

Shellship, how did you get on, did you manage to get success in the end and if so, how did you do so please?

Shellship, ex R.N??

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