Exporting aol favourites to IE

  daisy2bell 22:04 24 Jan 2008

Is there an easy way of exporting my aol favourites, so that I can add them to IE.
Running XP home and aol 9


  Technotiger 22:33 24 Jan 2008

Hi, dunno if this will work (I don't use AOL) but, go to My Computer then click on C: then Documents and Settings, then on the folder with your name on it. You may then see your AOL Favourites icon, if so, you can then right-click on the icon and select Copy. Then go to IE>Favourites and right-click and Paste.

I am only guessing, but maybe worth a try, unless someone else can come up with a better way.

  Technotiger 22:35 24 Jan 2008

PS - at least by starting the answers to your question, I often find that other members will then come in and add their suggestions.

  Stuartli 22:50 24 Jan 2008


click here

As far as I'm aware, AOL uses its own version of IE.

  daisy2bell 07:22 25 Jan 2008

Thanks guys for the replys.
The problem at the moment is, that aol saves the files as favourites.pfc and IE saves as bookmark.htm.

IE will not accept the "favourites.pfc

If I only had a few favourites I could just copy/paste each one, but with the amount I've got it would take forever.
I will give this a try

Thanks again, and will this open in case there are more replys.

  feb 10:02 25 Jan 2008

You could use this click here It's free to try but I'm not sure if you get the full program without buying it!

Or you could try uploading your favorites to here click here and then download them to IE

  Snec 12:14 25 Jan 2008

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