Exported address book, where has it gone?

  Sapins 08:57 21 Jul 2004

I have just exported the address book from Outlook Express choosing "Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book" but I can't find it to put it on a floppy. Can anyone tell me where it is please.



  xania 09:09 21 Jul 2004

When you exported the file, you told the system where you wanted the file to go. You probably missed the option and it defaulted to somewhere on your C:\ drive. Look for a file called *.csv. Alternatively, run the export again and when you get to the screen <CSV Export>, first browse to your A:\ drive and you can save it directly to floppy disc.

  Sapins 09:55 21 Jul 2004

Hi xania, thanks for your reply. I didn't get the opportunity to tell the system where to send the file to, you do if you choose to export the file as a text file, which I have now done, but I don't think it will print as it looks when you open Address Book. I have searched for *.csv with no luck. Anything else to try?



  temp003 10:27 21 Jul 2004

If your purpose is only to print out your contacts and their details, in OE, just click Address Book (or open your relevant.wab file), on the left highlight the Main Identity's contacts, click Print, then for the Print Range, remember to select All, and just print it out.

  Sapins 10:37 21 Jul 2004

Hi temp003, I would like to be able to save them on a floppy but your suggestion means I can at least have a printed copy so thanks for that.

I'm still at a loss to find where they have been exported to though.



  Sapins 10:38 21 Jul 2004

Should have added I can easily update the floppy and not have to bother printing out each time.

  temp003 10:59 21 Jul 2004

Sorry, I misunderstood you.

Unless you have Outlook installed, there is no point in exporting the Address Book in Outlook Express (which is a Windows Address Book) to a Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book. It won't work (even though strangely it says the export process has completed).

I assume you just want to back up your address book. Your previous attempt to export it as a comma separated text file is one way of doing it (making sure you select all the fields you need). Although if you open the .csv file with Notepad it appears funny, it is fine, and OE can import it properly if you need to.

If you have Excel on your computer, you can open the .csv file with Excel, and you will see all the info in a proper table.

Another way of backing up the address book is simply to locate the relevant .wab file on your computer and save it elsewhere. Just search for .wab and you will find it, or in OE, just click the Address Book button, and click File, Export, Address Book (WAB) and you will be prompted to save it at the location you want.

  xania 13:04 21 Jul 2004

Having just re-read your original posting, I see that youi saved to <"Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book" > rather than to .CSV. You should now find that your address book has been imported to MS Outlook.

Which version of OE are you using and which OS? I have just double checked my computer (OE5 on Windows 2000) and you certainly can select the location when you save a .CSV file.

  Sapins 14:34 21 Jul 2004

temp003, I haven't got Outlook and I can now see it won't work, I have saved the address book as a comma separated text file to a floppy.

xania, I have OE V6 with XP Home, and I can select the location if I choose as above.

There may be a bit of confusion here, when you choose Address Book in OE then go to file/export/address book you can select either Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book or Text File (comma separated values). The first one you get no option where to save it, the second one you can choose a destination for it and it is saved as a .csv file.

Thanks to the help you have all given me I can now achieve what I want to do.



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